I knew this day would come.

This month, I have no choice but to head to the online Apple Store and place an order for a 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro.

This will be the second time I’ve done exactly that.

The first one went back. I didn’t even open it; instead, I headed to my YouTube channel to explain why, once again, I was so utterly underwhelmed by Apple’s latest iteration of their most expensive tablet.

I promised my audience that, as soon as Apple reveals why I should upgrade my trusty-but-rarely-used 2018 iPad Pro to the new M2 version, I’d duly buy one, spec it up and put it to use.

This isn’t the reason I’m buying it again – because Apple still hasn’t answered that question.

So, what gives?

Why I sent the first one back

I’ve not been shy in coming forward about my issues with Apple’s iPad lineup. I should clarify that I’m a huge iPad fan – I’m one of those people who bought the first one and fended off the constant barrage of “but, mate, it’s just a big iPhone” comments from his friends.

However, try as I might, I still struggle to fit the iPad into my business. The exception is the iPad mini which remains the best note-taking device I have to hand. This means it gets used pretty regularly for that task, along with being a great little content consumption device, to boot.

But every other iPad I own (yeah, I know – it comes with the territory) from the awesomely capable iPad Air to the aforementioned previous-previous generation iPad Pro, never sticks. I always end up returning to macOS.

The M2 iPad Pro is the epitome of this. At face value, it is no different to the M1 version it replaces, or the A12Z edition before that. The most frustrating thing, however, is that it doesn’t feel any different, either. Even the jump from A-series to M-series required a serious pair of binoculars to spot the performance gains, and those gains are even less between the M1 and M2.

There are no signs of Apple-branded pro apps for the iPad Pro – that has been my biggest gripe all along. Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Xcode are still missing in action. Sure, we get DaVinci Resolve, but where’s Apple’s stuff?

I had no choice – that thing had to go back unopened.

My reasons for buying again

Oh, the joys of running a YouTube brand.

I wouldn’t swap it for the world – it’s the best job I’ve ever had, and it doesn’t even feel like a job.

However, sometimes, you’re forced into a corner by nothing more than your own choices as a business owner. In this instance, my desire to continue working with a reputable brand has left me with no choice but to buy an M2 iPad Pro again.

This brand has booked a sponsor spot on my YouTube channel next month as part of a two-video package. The first video is smartphone-related; that’s cool – I have said smartphone to hand and can crack on quite happily.

The second video is iPad-centric. But here’s the rub – the accessory I’m featuring from said brand is only compatible with the latest iPad Pro. So, I have the choice of either abandoning the brand partnership or biting the bullet and buying an iPad I really don’t need.

I literally have no other choice. I can’t borrow an M2 iPad Pro, I’m unable to score a review unit, and no one is going to treat me like a charity and send one for free. So, I’ve got to lay down £1,249 and buy one in order to make this video.

That does, as you might suspect, reduce the profitability of the video somewhat. This leads me to another question I’m hoping you can help answer.

What should I do with it?

This is where I get stuck. Beyond this sponsored video where the iPad Pro will, obviously, play a central role, I have no practical use for it in my business.

I’m a staunch Final Cut Pro user, and switching wholesale to DaVinci Resolve – even for just a couple of weeks – is a huge lift, production-wise. I can test it out, sure – but is that really enough for my audience? Do you care enough?

This is, once again, where you come in. I need your help to maximise the not-inconsiderable investment I’m placing in the 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro.

What could I do with it beyond video editing? Or is the video editing aspect something you’re really interested in?

Please add your thoughts and inspiration below. You’ve always been incredibly helpful in the past with this stuff!

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