I start my Galaxy S22 Ultra review by revealing that I’ve “always wanted a Galaxy Note”, and I end it gushing about how I’ve been “knocked back” by the beautiful screen, build quality, and brilliant One UI.

Throughout the video, I explain where Apple needs to up its game in order to compete with Samsung.

Here’s a selection of the comments I’ve received on that video:

“The Clickbait title does but Reviewers never do. I wish YouTubers would give a final verdict!!!”

“What he don’t kno is samsung galaxy had all them features before I phones”

“Anyone who uses iphone knows shit about smartphones”

“Comparing apple and oranges ????????”

“Anything is better than iSheep in my book”

“how can you say galaxy phones feel more like plastic than iphones ?”

“Lol @ battery life. I’m assuming you had it on standby in your bag for 2 days. 99 percent of reviews state the battery is rubbish on the exynos. You must have got lucky.”

“I might recommend never doing another review of a phone that you have no idea about”

“Thumbnail has no common sense when s21 ultra already destroyed iPhone 13 pro max why mention s22 ultra?”

“Why are you holding your finger so long on the finger print sensor? It just makes it look like the sensor is slow as heck.”

I’ll spare you the comments I’ve received so far on my comparison between the S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max (at the end of which I clearly state Samsung is “fast becoming my favourite smartphone manufacturer”).

Since starting this brand, I’ve been relatively lucky when it comes to trolls; they haven’t muddied the waters of my comments threads too much. They’ve been manageable, sporadic – funny, even.

But since entering the Samsung domain with my coverage of their latest – and quite brilliant – flagship phone, I appear to have inadvertently stepped into a corner of the internet that is wedged firmly in the past.

It’s a real shame. But it also fascinates me.

They haven’t grown up at all, have they?

I’ve made my feelings on brand devotion clear in the past. I totally get it if you prefer Brand A to Brand B – that’s cool. In fact, most of us have an allegiance to a brand or product of some kind.

But to turn that allegiance into all-out warfare is utterly stupid. Worse, if you’re still doing that now, you’re contributing to something that has become a caricature of itself.

If you leave a comment like any of those listed above, you look like an idiot to anyone passing by. Always. This is true for troll-like comments of any kind, but when the comment reveals an entirely blinkered, one-sided view of technology and a complete absence of respect for someone else’s opinion, it is depressingly childish.

I genuinely thought we were moving away from this. And, in many areas we are – Windows versus macOS is a great example of an area in which the trolling has gone from all-out warfare to tongue-in-cheek, good-natured banter. I like that.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Samsung versus iOS war is still very much alive and kicking and still chock-full of absolute morons.

Reaching for default responses

As is the case with most trolls, the people who left the comments above didn’t watch my video properly. Some, I’d guess, didn’t watch it at all.

I know this because I know that the video is a love letter to Samsung from an iPhone user. It tells the story of a guy who has used iPhones for years while secretly holding a candle for a specific Android-based device (in this case, the Galaxy Note).

As the video draws to its conclusion, our central character is clearly falling for his new purchase. He describes One UI as “a joy to use”, and reveals that he “loves” the camera system in the S22 Ultra.

This narrative isn’t hidden. It isn’t ‘suggested’. You don’t need a degree in filmmaking to work out what’s going on. I clearly really like this Samsung phone.

So, why the default troll responses? If you read them before watching my video, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve spent 16 minutes berating Samsung and Android.

I think it’s simple. I think these people simply enjoy leaving such comments and spend most of their free time trawling YouTube looking for iPhone user reviews of Android phones.

I don’t understand why they do this, but I tell you this – they are a psychiatrist’s wet dream.

What needs to happen

We all need to respect one another’s choices when it comes to tech. Having used both iOS and Android extensively over the last few months, I can confirm that they are both brilliant.

But even if they weren’t – even if one of those platforms was objectively crap compared to the other one – it doesn’t matter. Sarah is still allowed to love her iPhone, and Dave has every right to be an Android fan.

Unfortunately, this kind of respect for one another’s preferences will always be given short shrift by a subsection of the online audience. They’ll forever seek out videos like mine to fuel their incredibly boring war.

All I can do is have a bit of fun with them (I know you shouldn’t feed the trolls, but I can’t help myself – sorry).

A caveat

As is always the case, the vast majority of the comments I received on my S22 Ultra videos were from utterly lovely people.

“A truly honest review from an iPhone owner on Android. I’m really impressed and well done!”

That’s just one example, but there were many others. Some pointed out gaps in my research, which is genuinely appreciated, while others respectfully disagreed with some of my conclusions. Again, that’s cool – it’s what makes the world go around.

I should also note that there are plenty of idiotic iOS users out there.

“Never heard so much crap, did Samsung pay u for this?”

They’re just as blinkered as the staunch Samsung fans. Sometimes, worse.

Hey ho – at least it gave me something to write about this Monday morning.