We’ve got a new iPhone, guys!

Rather than jumping in on the day of the launch with my full, unadulterated thoughts, I’ve decided to let the dust settle a little and ensure you’ve all had a good night’s sleep before delivering my reaction.

The iPhone 14 now comes in… yellow.

That’s it – that was the big announcement yesterday. Although, unusually for Apple, it was only delivered via the Newsroom website, rather than during a flashy, overproduced event video.

This begs the question: if they’re using a press release to reveal this season’s new iPhone colour, what does that mean for the rumoured 2023 spring event?

New iPhone colours: a masterclass in product marketing

Let’s just take a moment to marvel at the way Apple manages to make an event (theoretical or otherwise) out of a new iPhone colour.

It is, literally, just a new colour. There’s nothing new about the device it adorns, and seemingly no tie-in with anything other than the changing of the seasons.

This is a masterclass in product marketing. You can bet your bottom dollar that Apple sees a significant boost in iPhone sales when a new colour option is added to the lineup. Apple knows that people love to show off the fact they’ve got the latest device, and this is one of the smartest ways to tempt them towards a new iPhone – no matter how superficial it might be.

The only slightly odd thing this year is that there’s no new colour for the iPhone Pro lineup. That’s right – the new yellow option is only available for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Historically, there has been a new lick of paint come springtime for both the regular and Pro iPhones. Not so in 2023!

Although to be fair, we already have the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max available in gold – maybe a shade of yellow would have been too similar to that existing option.

If you’re still reading this, you are utterly brilliant.

Goodbye, 2023 Apple spring event?

I’d forgive you for thinking that I’m overreacting a little here, but my first thought when seeing Apple’s press release for the yellow iPhone was, wait… so we’re not getting a spring event, Tim?

The new iPhone colour is synonymous with Apple’s first event of the year. At least, that’s usually the case. You see, 2023 has completely flipped convention on its head thanks to the unexpected – and, we suspect, delayed – announcement of new MacBook Pros, Mac minis and beefed-up M2 chips in January.

Apple’s decision to simply chuck the new iPhone colour onto their website without so much as a clasped-handed introduction from Tim Cook suggests that we may have to wait until WWDC for the next bunch of product announcements.

I’m not so sure, though. I still think we’re going to see something else either towards the end of March or during April. My guess is that it’ll be new MacBook Airs featuring the first base version of the M3 chip and, potentially, the much-rumoured VR headset.

Final thought

Whether I’m right or wrong about the 2023 spring event, it does feel like we’re slowly entering a very interesting period for Apple.

A new form factor for the MacBook Air, the long-awaited reveal of the Apple silicon-based Mac Pro, and an entirely new product category makes for an exciting 2023 if you have any interest in what Tim and co. are up to.

I, for one, am waiting with bated breath.

And, no I won’t be reviewing the yellow iPhone.

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