Black Friday is nearly upon us which means the tech deal machine is spluttering into life once again. Although not everything you see is to be believed, there are some genuine deals to be had on tech that you won’t regret buying.

Apple itself rarely gets too involved with Black Friday, especially not for new tech like the iPhone 15, but Amazon does still have some iPhone Black Friday deals.

We’ve sniffed out what we think are the two best early iPhone Black Friday deals, whilst also offering you three alternative discounts on non-Apple tech that we think make worthy purchases.

iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 13 mini is one of the best smartphones ever made by Apple.

Unlike similar phones, like the iPhone SE, it offers a more modern iOS experience thanks to a more expansive screen, Face ID and a far better camera system. Additionally, the iPhone 13 mini is a much more pocketable size than other smartphones. 

It is a genuinely nice experience to use a phone that isn’t so massive but still packs all the power you’ll need. The Black Friday Deal is running on the base level 128GB version but this will be enough for the majority of users.

If you want a new phone with all of Apple’s goodness, a great camera and all in a handy size, then you won’t regret buying an iPhone 13 mini.

You can buy an iPhone 13 mini in the USA for $685 compared to its RRP of $748 or £549 (£599RRP) in the UK, both offering an 8% discount.

iPhone 14

Much of the noise surrounding the iPhone 15’s release was that it wasn’t really much of a development from its predecessor, the iPhone 14. It has the faster A17 Bionic chip inside, but the majority of users would never notice the difference between the A15 which powers the iPhone 14.

This is great news for those looking to pick up iPhone Black Friday deals because it means the no longer ‘new’ iPhone generation gets discounted.

While it’s not a huge price drop, it is still a great deal. You are getting one of the best smartphones of the past 3 years, new, not even refurbished, for under £650. Buy an iPhone 14 128GB now for $810 in the USA or £649 in the UK at a 7% saving.

Nothing Phone (2)

What if you don’t want an iPhone? Well, you’re in luck. Black Friday deals are usually much more common and generous for non-Apple products. And this one is a really excellent option.

That’s right, the newest Nothing Phone (2) is being discounted this Black Friday. Whilst some have argued that the price of the Nothing Phone (2) is pushing its value for money into the negative, it is still a powerful phone with interesting features.

The Glyph Interface offers a unique way of interacting with your smartphone, designed to reduce its intrusiveness. Additionally, the Nothing OS gives the user experience an original feel that is truly different to its competitors. You get all of this alongside a good, if not perfect, 50-megapixel 4K camera.

Looking to break away from the constant Apple upgrade cycle? Then the Nothing Phone (2) is a good pick, saving 13% with a Black Friday price of $685 or £549. Buy it here.

Meta Quest 2

Now for something completely different. The Meta Quest 3 released in October 2023, meaning it was inevitable that the Meta Quest 2 would see some Black Friday action.

And it presents probably the biggest value for money on this list. Until the Quest 3 and Quest Pro were released, the Meta Ques 2 was the go-to VR headset. While its uses are limited (don’t be expecting Apple Vision Pro levels of quality and features), it excels primarily as a gaming headset.

Compatible with the most popular VR games like SUPERHOT, Among Us VR and Resident Evil 4 VR, the Meta Quest 2 is an excellent option for those who want to play games in this way. 

Whilst the Meta Quest 3 is better with higher refresh rates, resolution and better-mixed reality capabilities, the Quest 2 remains a solid choice for gamers. The Meta Quest 2 Black Friday deal is currently $311 or £249, meaning a huge 38% saving. Buy it here.

Google Pixel Watch

As far as smartwatches go, the Pixel Watch is often overlooked. The Apple Watch is what everyone jumps to buy, or if you are an outdoorsy type, the Garmin Fenix. But if you are an Android user, the Pixel Watch is your best option.

And that does it a disservice. It is still an excellent smartwatch. Although the Pixel Watch 2 was released in October 2023, this by no means dates the Pixel Watch 1 which only released in October 2022.

With deep integration with FitBit technology, the Pixel Watch tracks most of the things an Apple Watch does whilst still doing stuff like allowing you to quickly read text messages or play music. Plus they look beautiful.

If you want a smartwatch, seriously, don’t turn your nose up at a Pixel Watch. Especially for what is the largest saving on this list at a 41% discount! This is genuinely excellent value for money.

Buy a Black Friday Pixel Watch for $248 or £199 (yes, sub £200 for a premium smartwatch!).

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