Black Friday is the new Christmas – it starts earlier every year. And, each year, more and more retailers jump on board.

This creates a bit of an issue for bargain hunters: where on earth do you start?

Well, if you’re an Apple fan, I’d like to help. I’ve dug out a small number of what I believe to be the best Black Friday deals this year. Other lists are out there (roughly eighteen trillion of them), but this is mine.

Happy shopping.

Disclaimer: the prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing. They may – and indeed probably will – change, so please don’t shoot the messenger if that’s the case when you click through.

Benks accessories

Of all the accessories I’ve reviewed this year, the Benks headphone stand for AirPods Max has been the most popular.

Owners of Apple’s most expensive cans cannot get enough of it.

It’s not hard to see why either; it’s a beautiful accessory that could easily have been made by Apple. Aluminium construction, rock-solid build quality, and a form factor that is perfectly suited to the AirPods Max ‘canopy’ make for the perfect desk ornament. There’s also a brand-new version that can wirelessly charge your phone at the same time.

Even better, Benks is offering discounts of up to 50% across their entire website until December 3rd.


CleanMyMac X

I’m a big fan of Mac cleaning software, and I have a couple of favourites. One is Trend Micro’s Cleaner One Pro, and the other is CleanMyMac X, from MacPaw.

It’s brilliant for sniffing out large files you had no idea were there, speeding up your Mac’s boot time, and properly uninstalling apps.

MacPaw will be running a 30% discount promotion from November 26th for just 24 hours. I’d really recommend checking it out when that offer goes live – it’ll do your Mac the world of good.


Black Friday AirPods deals

I have what feels like thousands of pairs of headphones, but I still use AirPods Pro more than any other.

As someone who is ‘locked’ deeply within the Apple ecosystem, AirPods Pro simply cannot be beaten for convenience or performance. They’re also one of the easiest Apple products to find at a discounted price these days.

I’ve sniffed out the AirPods Pro for just £185 on John Lewis (with that glorious two-year warranty), and the 2nd gen regular AirPods for £99 at Argos. Either pair are worth anyone’s money at that rate – trust me.

If you fancy something a little different and regularly head to the gym, the Powerbeats Pro for just £149 at Amazon takes some beating, too.

AirPods Max

Technically, I could have included this Black Friday offer with the AirPods deals above, but I thought it deserved special mention.

Why? Because of the myriad of products Apple has released over the last 18 months, AirPods Max have garnered the most attention when it comes to retail price.

As I’ve pointed out regularly, they were way too expensive at £550. They’re the only Apple review unit I’ve genuinely thought twice about buying.

However, prices for Apple’s admittedly impressive over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones are finally dropping, if you know where to look. The new pricing appears to fluctuate regularly, but at £429/£489 on Amazon, the AirPods Max are a bit more digestible.

If you’ve been holding on for a pair, this Black Friday might be the most sensible time to finally place an order.



Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9”

I reckon I’ve saved the best until last.

The Magic Keyboard completely transforms the iPad Pro. For many people, it turns Apple’s wonderful tablet into a full-on laptop replacement.

The convenience of the magnetised attachment and zero requirements for faffing about with Bluetooth makes the Magic Keyboard a dream to use. And, sure, it might be a bit bulky, but the extra weight is countered by great protection for your iPad and rock-solid construction.

The biggest issue with it has always been the price. At £349, it was ridiculously expensive and significantly raised the overall price of a new iPad when added to the basket.

Well, I’ve got some good news. Right now, you can pick one up in the UK at John Lewis for just £164. It’s a clearance offer, which means it’ll probably disappear, pronto, so be quick – it’s an absolute bargain at that price.


Found a great Black Friday deal yourself? Share it with us in the comments section, below!

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