I absolute hate clutter – particularly when it relates to work. A messy desk leads to an equally messy mind and the feeling of being constantly one step behind in everything you do.

This is made far worse when you have an abundance of tech. Don’t get me wrong – I love being a tech YouTuber; it enables me to indulge in a passion, help people, and get paid for doing it.

But I just have so much stuff as a result.

Cables, adapters, memory cards, dongles (although less of those since the 16-inch MacBook Pro came along), microfibre cloths, external SSDs, chargers. The list is endless.

Thankfully, I’ve found an answer to organising that little lot, and it’s so blindingly obvious I have no idea why I didn’t seek it out before.

Previous attempts

My travelling these days extends as far as a one-mile journey from my house to the studio. Regardless, I still have a whole bunch of things I need to take with me.

From my MacBook Pro’s MagSafe charger to my editing SSDs and AirPods Pro, every single peripheral and accessory that accompanies me on that journey is essential.

Up until now, all of that stuff would simply get lobbed into a rucksack, or placed in a tech organiser that was kindly sent to me by Woolnut.

The problem was that I always left something behind. Trust me, there’s nothing more irritating than cycling to your studio only to realise you’ve left your main editing SSD at home. And as great as that Woolnut organiser is, it simply isn’t big enough to store all of my bits and bobs.

Thankfully, I found something that is.

The perfect organiser

I’m a big fan of Inateck. I’ve used their MacBook Air case since I got my hands on the M1 version of that laptop, and it has been so good to me, I decided to buy their slip case for the 16” MacBook Pro.

As it turns out, they make a rather awesome little tech organiser, too.

Known affectionately as the Electronics Accessories Travel Bag Tech Organizer, it’s absolutely nothing special. This is just a zip-up bag with a bunch of compartments inside. It’s about the size of a wash bag and is conveniently splash-proof.

Not excited? Ready to click away? I don’t blame you. But you really do have to get one of these in your hands to appreciate how damn useful it is.

You can get so much stuff in this thing. Honestly, it’s like the Tardis. There are 18 compartments inside, some of them zipped, others always open for immediate access. They’re all different sizes and there isn’t one for which I can’t find a use.

It’ll even hold a Nintendo Switch or Kindle with plenty of room to spare if you’re that way inclined. But for me, it’s the ideal thing in which to store all of those aforementioned bits and bobs.

I’ve got literally everything in there. Look:

Inateck tech organiser

The fact it fits two sizeable chargers (including the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s beast of a brick) along with all of the other paraphernalia is genuinely life-changing.

This might all sound a little bit over the top. It’s a bag, Mark – get over yourself. But it’s accessories like the Inateck organiser that offer quality of life improvements in a way that more exciting products can’t.

Chucking everything in this thing and throwing it into my rucksack is immensely satisfying. Knowing that all of my stuff is always to hand is reassuring. Having this Inateck tech organiser by my side at all times means I’m never hampered or constrained; I can get everything done.

It has provided another unexpected benefit, too.

iPad mini benefits

I love the iPad mini and Apple Pencil combo. It has finally wedded me to digital note-taking for good.

There’s just one problem. With the Apple Pencil attached to the side of the iPad mini, Apple’s diminutive tablet is sometimes oddly cumbersome.

This is most notable when attempting to ‘thumb-type’ on the keyboard, as you would an iPhone. Clasping your right hand around the attached Apple Pencil feels rather clumsy (it wobbles against the magnet to which it’s attached). Remove the Apple Pencil, and, in those scenarios, all is right with the world.

I also live in constant fear that I’m going to inadvertently knock the Apple Pencil off its magnetised charging spot (which I have done on several occasions).

Guess what? The Inateck tech organiser has a couple of pen slots, one of which I have designated for my Apple Pencil.

It’s the perfect solution. I simply leave the Apple Pencil attached to the iPad when I’m using the device for note-taking, and then place it in the organiser when I’m done for the day.

It’s the simple things in life, right?

There are countless options for tech organisers, bags, and cases, but I highly recommend Inateck – it feels like a brand that’s really going to stick for me with this kind of thing.

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