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Put your brand in front of my captive audience

I have a highly engaged audience. They comment, hit the ‘like’ button and regularly click links in the descriptions of my videos. They’re as passionate about tech as I am, and trust the advice I provide – particularly when it comes to product recommendations.

Tech is a hugely competitive niche, but small channels like mine are finding far more engaged, defined audiences than the big boys. That means a captive audience for your brand and products, and a YouTube partner who is still in touch with the real world.


My audience demographics are as follows:

  • Age: 24-44 years old
  • Gender: 95% male
  • Location: 28% USA, 10% UK, with India, Canada, Germany and LATAM taking up the rest
  • Average view duration: 5 mins, 26 seconds

They’re massively into technology, and in particular, laptops, smartphones, headphones and all of the paraphernalia and accessorising that goes with them. They’re a vocal bunch, too, as you’ll see from my comments.


I started my channel with a view to helping normal people make smart choices about tech, and I’ve found a highly engaged niche. I treat sponsorships the same way; I’ll only work with partners I like and who ‘get’ what I’m doing with this channel. If that’s you, get in touch – I’d love to work with you.

I’m also not here to become ‘YouTube famous’ (I can’t think of anything worse) or to simply get free stuff. I want to enrich people’s lives and help them with their purchasing decisions. It’s more important than ever these days.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Product Sponsorship – FREE

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours harder. There’s no investment involved for you with this one – simply send me your product, and I’ll feature it on the channel. Just bear in mind that I’ll review it honestly, and I’m not afraid to highlight any shortcomings. But, then, you haven’t got those worries, because your product is awesome, right?!

Price: FREE


Paid Sponsorship

My audience trusts me. Your logo, branding and call-to-action will be featured prominently at the start of my video, along with a short pitch. You’ll also feature in lower-thirds, the video description and throughout my promotion of the video on social media, Medium and my blog. That’s a lot of eyes.

Price: contact me


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