I’m currently undergoing a near full-transition to an iPad-only working lifestyle, and I’m really enjoying it. Far more than I thought I would, to be honest.

What’s more interesting is that I’m sticking with just one iPad for most tasks – the 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro. My original goal was to use the biggie (on which I’m writing this review) for video and photo editing and turn to the iPad Air for admin and writing.

For some reason, I’ve found myself hooked to this iPad Pro – I’m using it for everything. I think this is a combination of New Gear Syndrome and being conscious of the fact that normal people only have one iPad, therefore switching between a bunch of them ain’t exactly a realistic test, is it, Mark.

As always, it’s the accessories that have made my time so far with the big iPad as enjoyable and productive as it should be, and I’d like to talk about one today which has taken me by surprise.

It’s called the FlipBook Case, it’s made by Pitaka, and it isn’t for everyone (but for some of you, it’ll be loved to death).

Full disclosure: while Pitaka sponsored a recent YouTube video of mine that features the FlipBook Case, they are not sponsoring this blog post.

What is the Pitaka FlipBook Case?

“Your next iPad bag is not a bag,” Pitaka tells us on the landing page for the FlipBook Case.

Pitaka FlipBook Case review

Now, hands up – I’ve never considered buying a ‘bag’ for my iPad. A case, yes. But a bag feels a bit… well, a bit Sainsbury’s*, doesn’t it?

Regardless, Pitaka has a point, because while the FlipBook Case very much resembles a thin bag (or, perhaps more accurately, a briefcase, if we’re being really picky) it’s quite a bit more than that.

The FlipBook Case is designed to attach to the Apple Magic Keyboard via sticky pads (that are non-destructive and can be easily removed – don’t worry). This creates a case-come-bag accessory which wraps around your iPad and Magic Keyboard, complete with magnetised handles and a front pocket.

It isn’t designed to be removed; once you attach the FlipBook Case – although you can remove it easily – the idea is that you leave it attached. And if you’re worried about it obscuring the camera, you’ll be glad to hear that you can reveal it via a handy flap.

The Pitaka FlipBook Case is $89 and available for both the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros.

*one for the UK audience, there.

What I like

As noted earlier, Pitaka sent me the FlipBook Case as part of a YouTube sponsorship arrangement. This begs the question: would I consider buying such an accessory for my iPad Pro if it hadn’t been gifted?

Pitaka FlipBook Case review

Probably not. I’m barely a case kinda guy, let alone an attach-this-thing-permanently-to-your-iPad-and-turn-it-into-a-briefcase kinda guy.

Many of the accessories I’m sent for review get used once and then quickly discarded thereafter. Some stick and become constant companions, but they have to be very special or incredibly useful for that to happen. The FlipBook Case, I think, sits within the latter category; I’ve long since completed and published the video to which it was linked and I have no desire to remove it.

That speaks volumes, but I think the reason I’m enjoying the FlipBook Case so much is that it adds to the iPad-only lifestyle I’m attempting to live. My iPad Pro is now ultimately portable and can be taken anywhere without needing to be slung under my arm or wedged into an already-heavy rucksack.

I think Pitaka has done a great job with the design, too. Although subjective, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the FlipBook Case is smart, professional-looking and very well-made. Woven from Carbitex OmniFlex carbon fibre and made with premium leather, it feels ready to last the distance, too. Those magnetic handles are mightily satisfying to snap shut, as well.

Some reviewers have reported that the FlipBook Case makes the entire iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combo a little top-heavy, but I haven’t experienced that. It appears perfectly balanced on every surface I’ve used and the iPad never feels like it’s going to topple backwards while interacting with the display.

What I’m not so keen on

The FlipBook Case won’t be for everyone. Right off the bat, it’s an acquired taste. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to adorn your iPad with permanent accessories or anything that might be considered ‘busy’ design-wise, I’d steer clear.

Pitaka FlipBook Case review

There are some practical issues, too. The FlipBook Case adds a fair bit of weight to the already heavy iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combo (although I should clarify that I also have my iPad Pro residing within the wirelessly charging compatible Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro) and while the front zippable pocket is a nice inclusion, it’s not good for much beyond loose change, memory cards, or USB-C cables. You certainly won’t fit a charging brick in there.

The bottom handle can also get in the way a bit when typing, depending on the surface on which you’ve placed your iPad, and the camera flap doesn’t always remain closed.

These are relatively minor gripes, and most of them are trade-offs you’ll have to make if you want to turn your iPad into a ‘bag’, as Pitaka liken it.


The FlipBook Case is for a very specific audience, but I think Pitaka has nailed it for those people. It’s one of those accessories which, for me, I didn’t know I needed until I started using it.

Is this New Gear Syndrome? Maybe, but as it stands, I can’t see any reason to remove my iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard from the Flip Book Case for the foreseeable future.

This is a nicely executed, laser-focused accessory from Pitaka which is well priced, given the quality of material used and the genuine utility it adds to the iPad Pro.

Buy the Pitaka FlipBook Case here

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