My Marketing Services

Every business should tell a story. Let me tell yours.

I can tell your story with…

Your business needs words. Words will help you:

  • sell your products and services;
  • differentiate you from the competition;
  • keep your customers updated with your latest updates and news; and
  • establish your brand as a trusted thought leader.

But, words take time; far more time than you have available to devote to them. And that’s cool – it’s why I started my business.

I’m an expert business blogger and can apply my inherent love for words to your marketing strategy.

Leave the words to me.


If you’ve never used video as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an opportunity to capture a much wider audience and keep them engaged for longer than you thought possible.

Video is known to keep people on websites for longer and is one of the best ways to showcase new products. It’s also a brilliant way to tell the story of customers using your products and services and, of course, the team behind the scenes who make it all possible.

I won’t turn up with truck loads of kit or an invoice to match. My videography service in Leamington and Warwick is cost-effective, high quality and focused on telling your story.


Podcasting is booming, and if you’re running a business, it should form a major part of your content marketing effort. Podcasting is a brilliant way to draw in a highly engaged audience.

I know this, because I’ve presented, produced and distributed podcasts for years.

Take Coaches Coffee Club, which was produced and edited by me (I even wrote the original music). In its first 30 days, it drew in over 1,000 listeners, and that number continues to rocket.

You can also find me hosting The Armchair Show.

Fancy getting into podacsting yourself? Just get in touch!


Marketing Consultancy

Benefit from years of digital marketing experience. If you need advice, a second pair of eyes on your grand plan or a chat about anything marketing related over a coffee (I love coffee), I’m here for you.

Outsourced Marketing

Your business can’t survive without marketing, but if you have neither the in-house expertise or time for it, that’s ok. In fact, it’s incredibly common. It’s another reason I set up my business. Let’s chat.

My Services


You know you need a blog, but you don’t have the time to write posts. Thankfully, you can leave the words to me.



Video will keep people on your website for longer. And it no longer needs a truck full of gear or huge budget; trust me.



You probably listen to podcasts. You may have an inkling that you need one for your business. I’ll prove why you do.


Personal Branding

LinkedIn is an awesome platform on which to establish trust within your industry. I’ll use words and video to help you build it.