I think I’ve found it. The bag for working professionals.

Since watching The West Wing in college, I have been a fan of the Josh-Lyman-inspired backpack for professionals.

Today I am looking at the Linus Tech Tips Backpack, which I have been using exclusively for around six months. I look at how it matches up with my ideal professional backpack requirements and whether I would recommend it as an everyday carry (EDC) for an on-the-go lawyer or other professional.

My Personal Backpack Requirements

When I undertook my search for the perfect backpack, I had a list of things that would make an ideal personal backpack for me.

Contrasting Interior

The vast majority of briefcases and backpacks are, inexplicably, black inside. The same color as my wallet, car keys, mouse, and various other items I carry every day. This makes finding things annoying. After picking up a cheap backpack from Amazon ADD LINK with a contrasting interior, this feature shot to the top of my list.

Comfortable Straps

I walk around a lot with my bag on. Whether it’s between courtrooms, from my car to the courthouse, from the courthouse to the coffee shop between hearings, or in the airport. So this thing needs to be comfortable. The whole point of the backpack is to avoid having to carry something in my hands, and I don’t want to be tempted to take it off and carry it by the top strap.

Straps that Can be Worn with a Suit and Overcoat

I wear a suit every day and an overcoat many days. Which makes my shoulders and chest bulky. Some backpack straps are too small to wear over the overcoat, thus completely defeating the purpose. Bonus points here if the straps are easy to adjust so I can take the bag off, take off my overcoat, put both through courthouse security and put the bag back on without the coat easily.

Large Water Bottle Holder

I enjoy needing to take regular pee breaks in court, so I try to drink a lot of water during the day. I do not like water bottle holders that can only hold tiny bottles of water. I need a big pocket for this to hold a bottle that is at least 24oz, ideally larger.

Enough Pockets for Organization

I like to carry my wallet, a charger, charging cables for my devices, a USB-C dongle, an extra HDMI cord, and various other bits and bobs, just in case. Some backpacks require you to buy extra little bags to put stuff in, but I was looking for something with enough built-in organization that I do not need separate pouches.

Clips for my Keys

I lose my keys all the time. Being able to open the bag and clip them in there and leave them in there for the day without losing them to the bottom of the bag would be great.

A Chest Strap

When walking more than a couple of blocks, a decent chest strap on a backpack can make a huge difference on your back. Not a 100% must-have, but the more stuff I would be carrying in the bag, the more important a chest strap would be.

Not too Ridiculous Looking

People pay me to represent them in court. To some extent they care what I look like or how I am dressed because I am a reflection of them. Nobody has ever commented on my use of a backpack and honestly, I do not think it matters nearly as much as a well-tailored suit and decent shoes for impressing clients. But I would still like to not look too ridiculous when wearing my backpack of choice.

Using the LTT Bag Every Day

After a little over five months of almost daily use, I can tell you this Linus Tech Tips bag is nice. Definitely the nicest bag I have used to date.

All Day Comfort – None of the Sweat (so far)

One of my complaints with a lot of backpacks is when you wear them for a decent amount of time, they make your back sweat. This is doubly true when you are wearing an undershirt, dress shirt, suit jacket, and overcoat all under the backpack. But I can say that I have worn this thing in my full overcoat and walked over two miles and barely had any sweat accumulation.

When I fly, I am crazy about getting to the airport early. Usually, I hit up a lounge for a drink and to do some work. But on my most recent trip, I did not have lounge access. So I walked. A lot. In just a regular dress shirt, I did probably 2-3 miles of walking in this backpack and had no issues. The straps were comfortable, and I was not sweating.

I Can Finally Find Everything

Photo from LTTStore.com

The contrasting orange interior on this bag is awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. I can easily find everything I need very quickly. There are enough pockets that everything has a spot, and once I got it organized it became easy to find anything in just a second. No digging around in the bottom of the bag for that cord I need.

My Everyday Carry Items (and then some) All Within Reach

As I mentioned above, I carry a lot of crap. Do I need this all on a day-to-day basis? Absolutely not. But I also hate having to think about packing up my bag. I want to trust that whatever I need is in there and ready to go, with the exception of my keys, wallet, laptop, and headphones.

  • Need a charger for my iPhone or iPad? Already in there.
  • Traveling and worried my Apple Watch or AirPods might die? Fast charger is already in the bag.
  • Going to court and might have to hook something to HDMI? A cord is already in the bag.
  • End up somewhere and someone hands me a thumb drive? Not an issue because I have a USB-C>USB-A adapter ready to go.

Am I a bit of a crazy person? Yes. But each of these things is in my bag because one time it wasn’t.

The Turtle Shell

I will get more into the size in a bit, but this bag is big. My wife calls it my turtle shell because I look slightly like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with this thing on. This is because the bag does not collapse or expand at all. It has one size so you better like it.

The Best Features

I have mentioned some of the things I like already, but there are some unique features that really make me enjoy this bag.

AirTag Pocket

Photo from Lttstore.com

Photo from LTTStore.com

Photo from Lttstore.com

This little pocket here is terrific. My AirTag went in the bag the first day I used it and has not budged since. Without a zipper, I was worried it might fall out during day-to-day use, but it has stayed snug as a bug.

A Water Bottle Sleeve Inside the Bag

I hate having my water bottle on the outside of my bag. It never feels secure, it bumps into things and makes a loud noise, and it inevitably falls out when I put my bag on an x-ray machine going into courthouses. No longer!

Photo from LTTStore.com

This water bottle sleeve holds bottles allegedly up to 40oz. I have a water bottle made by Linus Tech Tips that fits perfectly inside, and it is fine for water. The pocket does not fit my 36oz Yeti, which is a much thicker water bottle.

Photo by Author

Photo by author

Enough Sleeves for All Devices

Photo from LTTStore.com

This thing has plenty of pockets but also tons of sleeves. I can fit my 14” MacBook Pro, 11” iPad Pro (with keyboard if I feel like it), and my Kindle Paperwhite, each in its own sleeve with room to spare.

Contrasting Interior

As I mentioned, a contrasting interior was a must-have for me. The bright orange, I daresay international orange, works perfectly and makes it easy to find anything I need.

Plenty of Pockets

I do not like just throwing everything into a day bag. I want my main everyday items to have a home in my bag, and this bag has plenty of pockets for that. Everything has a place and a space and does not just jostle around in the main compartment.

The Straps

These straps are terrific. They are strong, wide, and comfortable. And because they are a little bit wider than other backpack straps, the bag is incredibly easy to loosen, take off, put back on, and re-tighten. It sounds like a small thing, but on an everyday basis makes a big difference.

The Things That May be Dealbreakers

There are definitely downsides to this bag, and some which might be dealbreakers depending on your use case.

No Key Holder

I like to have a keychain holder inside my bag so I can clip my keys in when I get out of the car and not worry about finding them and dumping them in a bowl at the security line. Unfortunately this bag does not have a true key holder. Instead, it has an interior zipper that I’ve attached a carabiner to, and it works fine.

The Look and Size

This thing is big. I was disappointed when I first opened it and put it on. My wife’s face said “this is too ridiculous, even for you.” But the comfort, convenience, and features of the bag make it worth it. Are people possibly judging me when I go to court? Maybe. Do I care anymore? Not at all.

Photo by (and of) author

Photo by (and of) author

Photo by (and of) author

Conclusion – The Best Laptop Bag for an On-the-Go Professional (who doesn’t mind the look)

Well, I have found it. To date this is the winner of best bag I have ever used. While I will remain on the hunt for a bag with all the organization and the nice straps, but not the turtle-shell look, I don’t think I will find it any time soon.

You’ve seen the photos. Is it too ridiculous? Would you trust a lawyer who rolled into court wearing this? Let us know in the comments.