Later this month, I’ll be launching my first Skillshare class designed to share my tips, tricks, and secrets behind the video editing you see on the Mark Ellis Reviews YouTube channel.

During my first year on YouTube, I amassed over 22,000 subscribers, 1.7 million views, and more than 158,000 watch hours. This isn’t normal, but it was made possible because I know how to tell a great story.

I made the decision last year to start sharing my success with anyone who fancies getting into YouTube themselves. This started with my YouTube Tips blog, but it’s about to go much, much deeper.

You can watch the trailer for this Skillshare class, below:

Who is this class for?

In my forthcoming Skillshare class (the first of many, I promise), we’ll look at the nuts and bolts of how to edit your first YouTube video in Final Cut Pro. No prior experience is necessary.

The class is for anyone who wants to start their own YouTube channel but who has no – or limited – experience editing videos. However, it will be equally useful to people who have already started their YouTube journey, but who think their approach to editing could be improved.

The best news? You don’t need any technical experience or know-how – just a Mac and a copy of Final Cut Pro.

Not a Final Cut Pro user? No worries! Although the walkthroughs in this class will focus on that platform, the techniques and takeaways will still be golden for anyone who wants to edit a brilliant YouTube video, no matter the software they have to hand.

Why is this course so important for aspiring YouTubers?

The edit is where the story is told – it’s that important! It’s where you craft a video that will captivate your audience for as long as possible and encourage them to hit that ‘subscribe’ button.

In the class, we’ll cover everything from getting your head around libraries, events, and projects, to importing your footage, and then editing, colour grading, polishing and exporting your finished video for YouTube.

You’ll also discover how to get fancy with lower-thirds and transitions, and how to polish your audio (the most important element, bar none!).

In this class, I’ll share the techniques that have brought me so much early success on YouTube and give you an exclusive backstage guest pass to my editing process.

I want you to share my success!