Apple makes some really stupid products.

The AirPods Max case is a case in point (if you’ll excuse the unavoidable pun). It’s really, really silly. I tried to defend it once, which was just as silly; it’s indefensible.

Then, they make stuff which is downright obnoxious. Like the lightning to 3.5mm audio cable.

But sometimes, Apple makes something that nails every single aspect of what makes a great tech product.

I’ve been using the white 11” Magic Keyboard case for about three weeks now, and I’m convinced it’s the best accessory they’ve ever made.

Here’s why.

Cool factor

The white Magic Keyboard is undeniably cool.

Look at it in the header image of this blog post.

You want one, don’t you? Admit it; it’s ok.

I held off buying the white Magic Keyboard case for as long as I could. I didn’t need one. I actually already own a Magic Keyboard for the iPad, albeit in 12.9” form for my 2018 iPad Pro.

All Apple did was paint it white. Which made the Magic Keyboard ultimately cool and incredibly lust-worthy.

Sometimes, that’s enough – and totally ok.


To use the Magic Keyboard, you simply attached your iPad Pro or iPad Air 4 (my regular sized iPad of choice) to it.

By ‘attach’ I mean you place the iPad against the surface for which it is intended, and it attaches itself via magnets.

Then, you start using it.

No Bluetoothery. No configuration. No faffing about.



Apart from the extreme convenience offered by the Magic Keyboard, I admit I’ve focused a lot of my attention thus far on the fact that it is white.

That remains the coolest thing about it, but this particular iPad accessory goes much deeper than its undeniably pretty exterior.

It turns the iPad into a completely different device. You suddenly gain access to a great keyboard (despite being a little cramped) and a trackpad (again, which is admittedly a little short on space).

For many people, when that cursor first appears on their iPad screen, they’ll have an epiphany. This will suddenly be the only device they need; that old clunky laptop can finally be put to rest.

When the Magic Keyboard for the iPad was released in April 2020, it was done so with little fanfare, beyond a demonstration video by Craig Federighi. In truth, it deserved its own stage time, because this accessory completely transforms what is already one of the best devices Apple makes.

Build quality

This is where it all gets a bit weird.

I hate the material used on the black Magic Keyboard for the iPad. It feels horrible, picks up scuffs, stains way too easily and even smells a bit weird.

The white version is made of the exact same material. But I don’t care about any of those things.

This is because its white. Which is really cool.

I know it’ll probably get even dirtier (although, three weeks in and some rather nasty table encounters in the bag, and it still sparkles). But it’s white.

It’s also very well made. This obviously goes for both colours, but the weird material Apple has used for the Magic Keyboard, combined with the solid hinge and robust keyboard, suggests that this accessory will live up to the rigours of everyday life for many years.


There’s one element of Apple’s best products that is impossible to explain but instantly identifiable.

The new iMac has it (in fact, every iMac has had it). The AirPods have it. The G4 Cube had it. The iPhone has it. But the product that has had it more than any other, in my humble opinion, is the iPad’s Magic Keyboard. In white.

I’d love to explain why that’s the case. But I can’t. There’s just something about it.

I don’t think Apple ever intends to ‘add’ magic to its products, but it does recognise when it has somehow manifested itself, which is I guess why the word ‘magic’ sometimes appears within the product name.

Windows fans will point and laugh. That’s fine. But if you like Apple’s stuff, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

What’s your favourite Apple accessory?

I like playing this game. Let me know what your favourite ever Apple accessory is in the comments.

Tell us why. Is it the combination of convenience, function, cool and build quality I’ve described today, or does it just have the magic factor?

Get involved below!