If you’re an Apple fan (or, indeed a reviewer who isn’t lucky enough to receive review units), you’d better charge your credit card.

According to a recent newsletter from Mark Gurman, Apple is readying its “widest array of new hardware products in its history” for the fall (or ‘autumn’, as we call it over here).

I think I’ve worked out what’s going on.

So, what’s on the list?

Gurman clearly thinks that Apple is going to be very busy indeed this year.

The list of potential new products looks like this:

  • four new iPhones;
  • an updated low-end MacBook Pro;
  • a larger screen iMac;
  • a new Mac Pro;
  • a new MacBook Air;
  • second-generation AirPods Pro;
  • three Apple Watches;
  • a low-end iPad;
  • a new iPad Pro; and
  • a new iPad Air.

While most of the above are apparently planned for later this year, Gurman believes that the big iMac could arrive during a spring event that’ll also include announcements for a 5G iPhone SE and new iPad Air.

This all feels a bit off, though.

Something isn’t quite right.

Why would Apple launch just one Mac in the spring, alongside two products that have no narrative connection with the big all-in-one? And why would a new iPad Air arrive ahead of a new iPad Pro?

This can only mean one thing

We’re in for a huge Mac and iPad event in October.

I really do think they’re going to combine the two. Maybe we’ll finally see Universal Control, too.

September will be reserved for the iPhone and Apple Watch, as it always is.

As for the spring event… well, that’s the only anomaly. Maybe the new MacBook Air will break away from the pack and appear then, alongside the new iPhone SE and updated AirPods Pro. But even that feels odd.

As for October, I think it’s going to be big, and Pro Mac-focused. A new iMac Pro and Mac Pro, a more attainable entry-level MacBook Pro, and the emergence of a redesigned and powered-up Mac mini.

Yes please, Tim. Just think of the headlines.

Remember – Apple will be racing to the finish line of ditching Intel entirely by then, and they clearly want it to go out with a bang. What better way to wave goodbye to the old architecture than drop a motherload of Apple silicon-powered Macs in one fell swoop?

Throw in an M2-powered iPad Pro and an M1-powered iPad Air (why not?!), and the party has officially started. Although, iPadOS 16 will need to have kicked things up several gears if that part of the event is to get me excited.

Oh, and we won’t see any hardware at WWDC. Trust me.

Wrapping up

The only thing that bothers me about my prediction today is the spring event. It’s an odd one.

I’m conscious that, last year, the same event treated us to a new iMac and new iPads. But Apple doesn’t have to follow suit – particularly when you consider how important this year is for them. It’s why I think the spring event will be a slightly more muted affair, giving way to a far more exciting end to 2022.

What are you expecting to happen this year? Get involved in the comments!