I’ve got some rather exciting news.

The Eight or Sixteen podcast is now live on all major podcast networks!

Yep, I’ve finally ticked off a desire to start a show of this kind – and I’ve managed to find a host who is the perfect match for what I want to achieve with it.

I met Rob on my Discord server. I reckon I’m a pretty good judge of character, and Rob’s unique mix of British humour, impressive technical knowledge and borderline obsession with Apple Watch bands sealed the deal for me – I had to convince this guy to be my co-host.

Thankfully, he agreed, and we embarked on the classic “screw it, let’s do it” mentality of just getting the damn thing recorded and out there. I’m glad we did.

As I’d expected/hoped, episode 1 felt like we’d been doing it for years.

Enough rambling – what’s the podcast about?

It’s a bit like inadvertently walking in on two guys having a pint at the pub. Although heavily slanted towards Apple, the discussion is largely tech-based and focused on the latest news, rumours and recent events. Mind you, in episode 1, we did somehow end up talking about the Argos ‘Book of Dreams’ (one for the UK audience, there).

Where can I hear it?

We’re publishing Eight or Sixteen on all major networks, including the following:

It’s also available on Amazon Music¬†and TuneIn Radio. So, we’ve got you covered!

How often will it be published?

We’re kicking things off with a bi-weekly publishing schedule. If more than three people and my mum tune in, we’ll consider increasing the frequency.

So, please get listening, sharing, reviewing and star rating! We’d love to hear what you think.

You can contact Rob and I directly at [email protected].