I’m a man of relatively simple tastes when it comes to my Macs.

I’m not the sort of guy who needs a Mac Pro. I’m also never inclined to treat my Macs like Windows machines (i.e. ‘mod’ them to within an inch of their lives and then spend the rest of my ownership complaining about consistent crashing and weirdness).

I just want Apple’s best tools for the job, as they come, straight out of the box.

At the moment, my Mac toolset (I know this is rather elaborate and that most people have just one computer… but this is kinda what I do for a living, so gimme a break) consists of:

I therefore don’t really need any of the Macs that Apple will inevitably release in 2023.

But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming, or coming up with excuses for what I might need in the near future.

These are five Mac itches I’m desperate for Tim to scratch in 2023.

1. The Apple silicon Mac Pro

I won’t be getting one of these, unless I’m sent one to review (which ain’t gonna happen – you’ve seen my AirPods Max case content, right?!).

However, I am fascinated to see what Apple does with the next-generation Mac Pro. We know something is coming because they told us so during the launch event for the Mac Studio last March.

They wouldn’t go back on their word. Would they?

The current Mac Pro is the last Intel Mac on the shelf – it is, therefore, in desperate need of an Apple silicon injection. There are, I suspect, a great many people waiting for this new machine in order to create wonders of art, coding, and computer science.

The question is – how powerful will it be? The latest reports from Mark Gurman suggest that the top-tier configuration has been scrapped and that the maximum unified memory is likely to top out at around 192GB. That’s considerably short of the 1TB configuration available with the current Intel Mac Pro – and, yes, some people really do need that much memory.

It’s going to be a real grab-the-popcorn moment, this. I cannot wait.

2. An un-hindered 14-inch MacBook Pro

I noted last year that I’m growing increasingly tired (literally) of my weighty 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Despite what far too many knuckle-dragging keyboard warriors suggest, I don’t need to go to the gym more and this is a heavy laptop if you embark on a fair bit of travelling.

Fear not, though, for I’ve already got my sights set on its replacement, even though it doesn’t exist yet. Of course, I could just trade my continent-sized MacBook for a current 14-inch MacBook Pro, but I’d rather wait to see what the M2 version offers.

However, I am slightly nervous, because there are, apparently, some ongoing production issues relating to the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. These will be the first to use a 3-nanometer process which should provide significantly better performance while retaining Apple silicon’s incredible efficiency (check me out – I’ve read up on it and everything).

It’s not easy converting to this new fab process, though, clearly – hence the significant delays we’re experiencing with these new MacBook Pros.

I just hope Apple doesn’t decide to rush out a lesser version of those M2 chips. That would be pretty disastrous if the base model M2 MacBook Air is anything to go by.

3. The next-generation Mac mini

I’m currently in the process of building a mini music production studio. At the heart of it lies my trusty M1 Mac mini – the computer I used to build this business from a production perspective.

I love that machine. Just like the base-model M1 MacBook Air, it is capable of feats that really should be beyond its specification.

Despite this, the Mac mini platform is due for an upgrade. This year, we need to see a new chip placed in there (the aforementioned 3-nanometer M2 Pro and M2 Max chips would be incredible in that thing) and a design refresh.

I’ve reported in the past about the frustrating Bluetooth issues you’ll likely experience with the current Mac mini design. That needs to be rectified entirely in 2023 when the new version (hopefully) launches.

Some funky colours wouldn’t go amiss, either.

4. The rumoured 15-inch MacBook Air

This is a funny one and, I’ll be honest, not a Mac I’ve personally considered as being a ‘must-have’. Despite this, I’ve seen several comments left against my videos and blog posts that suggest a fair number of people are waiting for a larger MacBook Air to arrive.

Fair enough! Give the people what they want, Tim!

The rumours for this are relatively thin on the ground, but I wouldn’t put it past Apple to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023. The reason is simple – under Tim’s reign, Apple seems to be far more inclined to pack its product lines with as many variations as possible.

The 13-inch MacBook Air is plenty big enough for most people – it always has been. But there is something rather intriguing about a larger version which could compete with the 16-inch MacBook Pro in terms of screen estate without breaking your back in the process.

5. An updated 24-inch iMac

It feels like an age since the 24-inch iMac hit the shelves. In fact, I’ve just checked, and it was May 2021 when we first caught a glimpse of Apple’s brand-new take on its brilliant all-in-one desktop.

That is, in technology terms, ages ago.

Quite why we haven’t seen an update since then is baffling. Why didn’t Apple slip an M2 chip in there? Or beef it up with M1 Pro and M1 Max options?

Maybe that’s the play. Perhaps they’re waiting for the aforementioned M2 Pro and Max chips to be ready before significantly increasing the power available in the 24-inch iMac. That’s not a bad idea, but it does make the thought of purchasing an M1 version now rather perilous.

I tell you what we won’t see in 2023, though – a big iMac. I’m still firmly of the belief that Apple has no intention of bringing a 27-inch – or bigger – new iMac to market. Sorry.

Wrapping up

I have a feeling 2023 is going to be a good year for the Mac. Those new MacBook Pros will be worth the wait, the Mac Pro will be an absolute riot in terms of content, and the prospect of a brand-new Mac mini is utterly mouthwatering.

It’s for that reason I’m charging the company debit card and consoling myself with the fact that I’ll have no choice but to invest in some new Macs this year. For the good of my business, of course.

What are you looking forward to, Mac-wise, in 2023?

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