When I started my YouTube channel, I created something called the Diary Series.

The videos were terrible and the content was all over the shop. Seriously – go have a look at them. But they served two really important purposes.

Firstly, they were designed to help me get comfortable being in front of a camera. Secondly, they would encourage me to develop some consistency with my content. One video published every week, no matter the topic – that was the goal.

That’s what I want to talk about today – consistency. Because it’s the single most important goal every YouTuber should have.

Here are a few tips for achieving consistency with your content.

Create a dedicated filming space

A sure-fire way to put yourself off filming is the thought of having to set up your entire filming rig each time. It can be a real ball-ache.

The best way to get around this is to ensure you have a dedicated filming space always ready to go – or as damn near ready as possible.

I currently film all of my a-roll (the to-camera pieces) in one of our spare bedrooms. The camera is always sat waiting on the tripod, my key light is forever in place, and I only need to swing the microphone stand into position when I’m ready to get going. It makes a huge difference.

Organise your content two weeks ahead

Some people will tell you to plan months ahead, and if that works for you – go for it. But for me, I’ve found the sweet spot to be two weeks.

This changes occasionally if I have a sponsor to work with, or a product launch event on the horizon, but in general, I only plan my videos a couple of weeks in advance.

I have a huge roster of ideas that are always being topped up, but by only looking two weeks ahead, the task of creating all of that content becomes far less burdensome.

Publish the same number of videos each week

Remember my rubbish diary videos? Back then, I made sure I published one of them every single week. That was the goal – nothing more. It didn’t matter what I was rambling on about, or how long or short the video was – I just needed to ensure I published it on the same day of the week, at around the same time.

I’ve not missed a week since. And now, I’m publishing two videos each week.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a lot of work (particularly when you have so much else going on in your professional and personal life), but if you make a promise to yourself to always publishing the same number of videos, you’ll find that you never let yourself down.

YouTube likes this kind of consistency, and so will your audience.

Become obsessed with your chosen topic

You’ll never achieve consistency on YouTube if you don’t particularly enjoy the content you’re creating. It’ll feel like work (yuck).

This is why you need to become obsessive about your chosen topic. That doesn’t mean boring your friends and family to death about it constantly (although, when you find yourself doing that, you’re definitely onto something) – it just means thinking about it as often as possible.

Whether it’s product reviews, tutorials, or entertainment-based content, you’ve got to want to create it.

Delve into every nook and cranny of your niche by exploring your topic ideas and watching those who are already in the space. The more obsessed you become, the more you’ll find that you can’t wait until it’s time to pick up the camera again.

Batch film (if that works for you)

I have a love-hate relationship with batch filming.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s simply the practice of picking a day and filming not one but several videos in one go. The idea is that you end up with a mass of footage that can be turned into multiple videos.

In turn, that means you can spend the following weeks simply editing each video in time for publication before it’s time to batch film again.

I’ve done this a couple of times, and while it is a brilliant way to free up your diary and add some peace of mind that you’ve always got stuff ‘in the can’, it is quite exhausting.

Therefore, this tip comes with a caveat. Give it a go, but bear in mind that talking to the camera for hours on end is very hard work. You might love it and discover that it’s the best way to remain consistent. Or, like me, you may find that it’s only useful when you hit busy periods.

You won’t know until you give it a go!

Reward yourself

This one is easy.

Filming is hard but enjoyable work. What’s more, you’re probably doing everything solo, which means you absolutely deserve a reward when you finally hit the ‘publish’ button.

So, schedule time for yourself to step away from YouTube and enjoy something completely unrelated. Even if it’s as simple as a countryside walk with your nearest and dearest, make time for it. This should be as consistent an event as the content itself.

When you know the rewards are on the horizon, you’ll find yourself consistently reaching your weekly video target. Trust me.

Wrap up

I should note that the above tips, although specifically referencing video creation, can be applied to any form of content production.

So, whether you’re sitting in front of the camera, hammering away on the keyboard for your blog, or writing the next opening script for your podcast, just make sure you remain consistent. It’ll pay off – big time.

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