I’m a multiple Mac kinda guy. And that’s not me ‘flexing’ or showing off – it’s just something that works brilliantly for my business.

What’s more, I’ve managed to integrate multiple Macs into my business in a way that delivers brilliant returns in both productivity and cold, hard revenue.

Today, I’m going to reveal how the lovely little M1 MacBook Air fits into my working day.

It’s the first thing I pick up

I’m writing this on the M1 MacBook Air now. Ever since I bought it and pretty much immediately fell in love with it, the Air has been the device I pick up as soon as I get to work each morning.

I’m a bit weird and start work at around 6am each day. I find that I can get a tonne of stuff done during those early hours, and I need a device which enables me to be immediately productive.

For quite a while, that was the 12.9” iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard. But not anymore.

I’m now living in this fascinatingly odd world where the M1 MacBook Air has cannibalised… the laptop killer. I love that iPad Pro, don’t get me wrong, and it can play the role of laptop replacement for many people, but the Air has rendered it pretty much unused in my business.

The M1 MacBook Air will be the first device I pick up each day until Apple delivers an alternative. Which I don’t think they will. macOS has always felt like a comfortable pair of old shoes for me, which is why it’s the perfect device to ease me into each day.

It’s my go-to writing device

I do a lot of writing. For creativity and efficiency reasons, I switch between devices all day, but if I have to pick one machine on which to write blog posts or video scripts, it’s the M1 MacBook Air.

The screen size, quality of the keyboard (finally!) and the ergonomics of this laptop make it the perfect writing device.

I use an application called Ulysses for all of my writing duties, and it works beautifully on the M1 Air. By comparison, using my Mac mini, 27” iMac or 16” MacBook Pro just feels cumbersome.

It’s an awesome little photo editor

It really is. In fact, I can’t believe how well this base level M1 Air (I’ve got the 7-core graphics, 8GB RAM version) handles Adobe Lightroom.

It doesn’t seem to be any slower than my beast of a 16” MacBook Pro in that regard. I’m not the world’s most intense Lightroom user, but I do need to edit RAW files from my Canon 5D super-fast and export them just as quickly. The Air never disappoints in that regard.

That’s why, if I need to edit a photo for a thumbnail or blog post, I’ll usually grab the Air. It never feels RAM constrained or like it’s slowing me down.

It’s my YouTube Studio management device

As a YouTuber, I spend a great deal of my day in YouTube Studio. This is primarily for answering and managing comments and digging into analytics.

They’re the kinds of tasks that are so sporadic they demand a device which I can quickly flip open and use without any barriers.

This is what the M1 Air does so well. Other reviewers have referred to it as being ‘snappy’, and that’s probably the best way to describe how effortless Apple’s little laptop is. There’s no other device – including my iPhone – that I have any interest in reaching for when it comes to managing my YouTube channel.

If I need to undertake a quick task – I reach for the Air

The ‘get things done fast’ theme continues.

Honestly – if there’s a task I need to do quickly, I’ll always reach for the M1 Air.

For instance, last night during a dog walk, I had an idea which needed to be jotted down. Hands far too cold to reach for my iPhone, I instead waited until I returned home… and picked up the Air.

The screen immediately awoke to display my desktop, Notes fired up in milliseconds and I recorded my idea.

Lid down, done.

I do this constantly throughout the day. No other device I have provides such quick access to such effortless power.

When I can leave the house again, it’ll come with me – always

I was initially concerned about the M1 MacBook Air’s battery life, but those fears have since been quelled since I lowered my screen brightness and quit a couple of battery-hogging apps.

It’s hard to get across just how impressive the battery life is on this laptop. But I maintain that the most impressive aspect is the standby time.

Because I use the laptop so sporadically throughout the day, I hardly ever find myself charging it. In fact, the Air feels a little bit like the Sony WH‑1000XM4 when it comes to charging. I know I have to charge it, but because the standby time is so good, and it sips the battery so thoughtfully, it feels like the M1 Air barely needs charging.

This, along with every other reason above, is why the M1 MacBook Air will travel with me everywhere – once I’m allowed to get out there and work in coffee shops once again.

How do you use yours?

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