My Apple Watch Series 6 has been acting a bit odd lately.

On more than one occasion, I’ve received the low battery warning way before bedtime. In fact, before now, I had barely ever received that warning – unless I’d accidentally misaligned the Apple Watch on my charging stand overnight.

Bar the possibility of a rogue app eating up the battery life, there’s no conceivable reason for my Apple Watch to lose practically its entire charge before 3pm.

A quick check of the battery health indicator in Settings tells me that the Apple Watch has 91% maximum capacity remaining. I have no idea what this means, nor whether it’s anything to be concerned about.

There is, of course, the very real possibility that my Apple Watch hadn’t charged fully overnight on those days when it conked out early doors. I am, after all, using a third-party charging stand.

Regardless, this turned my thoughts back to the Apple Watch Series 7. And I need your help.

My reasons for not buying the Apple Watch Series 7

I described the Apple Watch Series 7 as “pointless” back in October. I revealed that I didn’t believe for one minute that it was the Apple Watch Tim and co. wanted.

I stand by that. I even think there’s some substance to Jon Prosser’s suggestion that there was an awful lot more to the announcement than met the eye.

However, rumours, murmurings, and half-truths aside, the Series 7 just isn’t particularly exciting.

It’s got a bigger screen (although, only just, if you have a Series 6). It’s “the most durable Apple Watch ever”. It charges 33% faster. There are five new aluminium colours.

But that’s it. Sure, the bigger screen enables some marginally more interesting watch faces and, unfathomably, a full qwerty keyboard.

And, yeah, it’s apparently crack resistant.

But I can’t get excited about any of that stuff. The fact that – until now – the Series 6 has been the most reliable, rock-solid Apple Watch I’ve owned sealed the deal for me; I had zero reasons to upgrade.

My interest has been waning

Earlier this year, I swapped my Apple Watch for a Casio G-Shock. Although the swap only lasted a month, it resulted in me continuing to wear the latter when I fancied it (most notably at weekends). Prior to this experiment, the Apple Watch hadn’t left my arm since 2015.

My interest in the Apple Watch has subsequently taken a bit of a nosedive. I track workouts only when reminded to do so, and I find notifications more of an irritant than a convenience (even after significantly reducing the number I receive).

This bothers me a bit. I was an early adopter of the Apple Watch and dearly loved its increasing utility as Apple gradually improved watchOS and made the device itself a far more focused fitness companion.

Now that my Series 6 appears to be having the odd bad day, I’m beginning to wonder if I could reignite my love for the Apple Watch by purchasing the new version. It would also be fun to find out if I was wrong, wouldn’t it?

Oh, and truth be told, I’ve never really liked the (PRODUCT)RED colour I opted for, despite the warm, fuzzy feeling the purchase gave me.

So… I need your input, please!

How is it for you?

I’m aware of a few people on my wonderful Discord server (if you fancy supporting my work, you can get access to this awesome bunch of people – and a whole lot more – via Patreon) who are really enjoying their Series 7.

I greatly trust their opinion – but I trust yours, too. So, if you’ve got an Apple Watch Series 7 and everything is groovy, I’d love to hear from you.

What is it about this version of the Apple Watch that works for you? Whether you’ve upgraded from a much earlier version or the more recent Series 6, which aspects of the latest device have either taken you by surprise or wedded you more closely to Apple’s wearable?

Get involved in the comments!