I’ve been an iPhone user for the last ten years, but yesterday, I unboxed a Google Pixel 4a. And I’m going to give it a proper try.

Why? Well, partly because I feel a duty to do so for my YouTube audience, but also because I’m fascinated to see how far the platform has come in the last few years.

I’ve flirted with Android before

I once owned a Moto G for about three months (remember them?). Back then, it was the budget Android phone and it really was rather good for the price.

However, during my ownership of the Moto G, I headed into an Apple store and picked up the then new iPhone 6 Plus. And fell head over heels in love – again.

Consequently, the Moto G got tossed aside for Apple’s latest and greatest.

Will the Pixel suffer a similar fate?

First impressions: it’s damn good – particularly the unboxing

Now, when I say first impressions, I literally mean ‘get it out of the box, turn it on, customise it a little bit and play with the interface’.

That is literally all I’ve done with the Pixel 4a so far.

But let’s quickly talk about the unboxing experience, because it was joyous.

My Pixel arrived in a huge box – way too big for a tiny smartphone. So, as any good YouTube should, I waited to film a full unboxing to see if, a) Google were simply over packaging their devices to death, or, b) offering some kind of surprise.

It was the latter. Upon opening the huge box, a helium-filled balloon emerged, complete with Pixel 4a branding and a “happy birthday” message from Google to, erm, Google (we’ll forgive them that). It’s their 22nd birthday, you see.

I loved it. I’ve never experienced a product unboxing quite like that before, and it demonstrated a playful, smart side to Google’s marketing which has already resulted in voluminous social media coverage of people receiving their Pixel 4a boxes.

Come on Apple – your turn!

The start of a journey: join me!

I really do like the Pixel 4a, thanks to that unique unboxing experience and what appears to be a solidly-made, feature packed phone.

But, will it replace my iPhone? Will it tempt me to opt for the next generation Pixel, rather than the iPhone 12?

I’m heading away for a much-needed break tomorrow, and the Pixel is coming with me. I’ll be charting my experience with it’s camera and feature set on Twitter, so follow me if you’re similarly curious!