Why does this always happen?

Not long ago, I revealed that I’d really enjoyed the process of switching from a 27” 5K iMac to a huge 34” ultra-widescreen monitor.

I’m still really enjoying using the MSI. That width offers so much genuinely useful screen estate and it definitely has a measurable impact on my productivity. It makes me a happier computer user, too; there’s far less faffing about moving windows around and alt-tabbing.

Then, I read this article on TechRadar, and I started planning a completely new studio setup.

Let me explain why.

What are the latest iMac rumours?

We’re clearly getting closer to an Apple event, and it’s almost nailed-on that we’re going to see some kind of announcement about the iMac.

Boy, is it due an announcement. I love my 27” 5K iMac, but no one can argue that it isn’t in need of a refresh. The removal of those huge bezels and that massive chin and the inevitable injection of Apple Silicon are imminent.

We’ve heard several rumours already. The ‘M1X’ is what many believe the first round of Apple silicon for the iMac will be called. It’ll apparently look far more like the Pro Display XDR, too, with tiny bezels, no chin and a flat profile.

But what got me really excited this weekend was the idea that Apple could be “super-sizing” their largest iMac’s display.

There aren’t any specific numbers offered – just that it’ll be “really big, bigger than the biggest one”, according to a respected leaker who goes by the name of l0vetodream.

Could we be looking at a 32” iMac? Bigger than that, perhaps? And, if so, what would that mean for my new-found ultra-widescreen love affair with the MSI?

What I’d like to see from the big iMac

I noted recently that I’ve increasingly turned into an ‘out-of-the-box’ kinda guy as I’ve got older. I dearly love my M1 Mac mini, but its lack of ports has resulted in something of a Frankenstein’s monster sat on my desk.

One of the reasons I still love returning to my iMac is because it’s just a single unit. I have a trackpad and keyboard connected wirelessly, and that’s it; no unsightly cables, and no hubs required to expand its I/O.

This has always been the iMac’s selling-point, just behind that crowning glory of a beautiful display. It’s why we didn’t really need an iMac Pro; the standard iMac has everything going for it already.

The thought of an iMac boasting a screen that finally breaks into the 30s is really rather exciting, even if it doesn’t come in an ultra-wide format (which, obviously, it won’t).

If the next big iMac has at least a 32” screen and retains all of the connectivity offered by the current version (yes, including that SD card slot, Apple), and boasts the next iteration of the M chip, I’m not sure I could stop myself from making it my new daily driver in the studio.

My plan for the M1 Mac mini

Where would this leave the M1 Mac mini and that lovely MSI screen, you might ask.

Don’t worry; I have plans, as you might suspect.

You see, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to invest more time in music production this year; something I’ve not done enough of in recent times. And to do that, I want to create a separate music rig.

This will be in part for production, but also to finally feed my desire to get into a bit of bedroom DJing (yeah, I’m 40-years-old – give me a break). Being lucky enough to have more than one Mac to hand, it seems like a great idea to create this separate rig from the M1 Mac mini and MSI monitor and use it solely for that purpose.

The fact that the M1 Mac mini is such a capable machine gives me no concern at all that it could cope as my music workhorse. Add to that the serious timeline gains offered by an ultra-widescreen monitor, and it seems like a fabulous idea to me.

This would leave the new iMac as my main video editing machine and the computer on which I undertake the bulk of my daily work. If Apple gets the next iteration right, it could remain in that position for a considerable amount of time.

Of course, none of this might happen. But it’s fun to dream about your next setup, right?

Are you excited about the next iMac?

I’m getting more excited by the day, I won’t lie. But what do you think about the latest iMac rumours? Are you ready to replace your big-chinned iMac, or is this the news you’ve been waiting for to finally invest in Apple’s all-in-one desktop?

As always, please get involved in the comments; that’s where these articles come alive.