I have a wonderful girlfriend.

Over the last few months, she has taken the brunt of the nighttime routine with our baby boy. This was in a bid to save some of my sleep to ensure I could keep running and building my business.

It has worked and I am immensely grateful, but this approach isn’t sustainable, as you might suspect.

Kids are funny creatures. They attach themselves to routine more readily than any other living being, and, as such, our little guy is now rather used to his mum putting him to bed.

We’re working on breaking that cycle now, and it’s actually going very well indeed.

However, the trick to soothing him and ensuring he can drift off calmly to sleep lies in the most unlikely of places.

It’s on my wrist.

It’s made by Apple.

That’s right – in our house, the Apple Watch Ultra has saved bedtime.

What is it about the Apple Watch Ultra?

Harrison has been obsessed with my Apple Watch Ultra since the moment he developed the urge and ability to reach out and grab everything.

He’s seven months old, by the way. I feel I should clarify that at this juncture.

Like every baby these days, he’s got a truckload of toys and baby-focused things to play with. You know – stuff that’s actually designed for him. But, just like every baby these days, he’s far more interested in the expensive tech that surrounds him.

He shows a similar interest in my MacBooks, iPads, and both of our iPhones. However, nothing quite beats the Apple Watch Ultra for some reason; he is absolutely obsessed with it.

I don’t think this fascination would be limited to the Apple Watch Ultra. If I placed any version of Apple’s wearable on my wrist (or, indeed, any competing product), I reckon he’d still be glued to it.

There’s just something about that bright little screen and the fluid animation that has him hooked. That, and the tactile nature of either the Trail or Alpine loop – both of which he loves scratching and tugging at.

Apple Watch Ultra Baby Soothing Mode

You might be wondering how on earth the Apple Watch Ultra helps soothe my son at night.

It’s actually pretty simple. If he begins crying (be it during the nighttime routine or suddenly in the middle of the night) and all cuddles, nursery rhymes, and gentle shushing fail, the Apple Watch Ultra becomes my knight in shining armour.

During those moments, all I have to do is place him on my knee, wrap my Apple Watch Ultra adorned arm around him and let the magic happen.

It stops those tears immediately. He calms instantly. His fast gasps of breath dissipate and are replaced by gentle, cute baby sounds. He taps the screen, runs his little fingers along the band and, after a couple of minutes, begins to drift off.

I’ve experienced this far too many times now for it to be a fluke. It absolutely, categorically works.

Just a little tip (and I have Paul ‘Mandatory Field’ Bigby on my Discord server to thank for this) – if you want to ensure your little bundle of joy can’t access a hitherto undiscovered and seemingly irreversible Apple Watch setting during all of that tiny finger tapping, turn on Water Lock. You do this by swiping up from the bottom of the watch face screen and tapping the water droplet button. That keeps the screen on but removes all touch input.

Thanks, Paul!

Will this miracle last?

Probably not.

One request, please, Tim!

The need to turn on the water lock feature in order to stop my son from accidentally pressing buttons I had no idea existed on my Apple Watch Ultra seems a bit silly.

Ever since he came into the world and grew increasingly attached to my expensive wrist computer, I’ve wondered why on earth there isn’t a ‘Parent Mode’ for the Apple Watch.

The ability to either lock the screen completely or customise it so that only specific actions can take place when it’s in ‘Parent Mode’ (for instance, I’d be more than happy for him to scroll through the app list without opening them – he seems to enjoy that) would be amazing.

I know this is probably the most unrequested Apple Watch feature and a biblical waste of the team’s time, but I can’t be the only parent in need of it.

Is there any chance?


It was worth a go.

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