2024 will be one of the most pivotal years in Apple’s history. Amongst Apple’s defining years, such as those that saw the first iPhone or Mac, 2024 may be the most influential in terms of broader technological change.

And that’s because we know, amongst other new Apple releases, that Apple Vision Pro is on the way. If it lives up to expectations, Vision Pro will go a long way to making virtual reality not only viable but desirable. A personal computer and monitor attached to your face; it’ll either be revolutionary or a fad.

But that’s not all for new Apple releases in 2024. In fact, due to the new M3 chips, 2024 is looking like a bumper year for Apple products. 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list for you detailing every confirmed and rumoured Apple release coming in 2024. Let’s take a look!

Confirmed Apple 2024 Releases

Vision Pro Headset Debut

We know for sure that the Apple Vision Pro will be released in 2024. What month exactly is slightly less clear.

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg has given regular updates, the latest of which suggests that Vision Pro will release before the end of March 2024. More specifically, Gurman adds that Apple is pushing for a January 2024 release. Talk about New Year fireworks!

The Vision Pro headset represents Apple’s foray into a brand-new product category, promising to deliver an immersive and groundbreaking experience. A VR headset that doesn’t require controllers and has an ultra-high resolution is indeed an extremely exciting prospect.

What’s key to remember though is that the Vision Pro doesn’t represent the conclusion of Apple’s development process, it is the very beginning of their VR journey. An immediate goal is to make VR headsets lighter, smaller, less obtrusive and cheaper. Only then will the Vision Pro become a mass-market offering

Either way, it’s going to be another Apple-based shot in the arm for the tech industry. We wait with bated breath…and eyes.

iPhone 16

Look, this isn’t 100% confirmed insofar as Apple hasn’t mentioned it yet. But an iPhone 16 will come out in 2024, that’s the nature of the smartphone market at the moment. 

People expect yearly releases and they work to secure reliable revenue.

There aren’t many details about what the iPhone 16 will bring to the party, but thinner bezels and brighter displays are always a safe bet. Rumours also suggest that the iPhone 16 may also feature a new capacitive ‘Capture Button’. 

Capacitive buttons are different to mechanical ones because they can’t be physically pressed. Instead, they provide haptic feedback like the iPhone SE’s home button. There aren’t any suggestions of what this button may do, though knowing Apple it’ll probably just launch the torch or something like that.

Almost Confirmed Apple 2024 Releases

iPad Air 6

Although these aren’t 100% confirmed, a new iPad Air and iPad Pro are all but set for a release in 2024. More specifically, within the first two quarters of 2024.

The iPad Air, Apple’s mid-tier tablet, is set to receive an update with two sizes: the regular 10.9 inch display and a larger 12.9 inch display. The larger screen is a really interesting and attractive update from Apple.

Considering an iPad Air is about $350/£350 cheaper than an iPad Pro, offering consumers the chance to own the largest iPad screen available for less money is a good move. Remember, the Apple Pencil is compatible with the iPad Air. 

So if you’re an artist for example, but don’t need the super beefy power of an iPad Pro to do things like edit video, a bigger iPad Air is genuinely enticing. 

M3 iPad Pro

The higher-end iPad Pro is also expected to see significant upgrades in 2024.

These updates mostly revolve around a new OLED display which will take over from the current mini-LED displays. OLED offers a broader colour range and even deeper contrast levels, making an M3 iPad Pro highly attractive to graphic designers, video editors and anyone who works with visuals.

Logically, these iPads will also come with the new M3 chips, following from the MacBooks announced in October 2023. The current generation of iPad Pros contain the M2 chip and so are already extremely powerful and efficient in relation to other tablets on the market. 

This means an M3 upgrade will certainly be an improvement, but one not noticeable enough to the majority of users. As such, sales could be shaky if people don’t view it as enough of an upgrade to justify the money. Although, the OLED display should sweeten the deal.

AirPods 4th Generation and AirPods Max

AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular and successful product lines. If you have an iPhone, you’ll most likely have some form of AirPods.

2024 will likely see the release of the next generation of standard AirPods and a refreshed AirPods Max offering. 

For the 4th generation AirPods, Apple will introduce two models; a cheaper, less feature-filled pair and a more expensive, sophisticated pair. The more expensive AirPods 4 will include active noise cancellation, something previously only available on AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.

Additionally, the stems will be made shorter and the case given a speaker for ‘Find My’ compatibility.

AirPods Max on the other hand will see a much less interesting update. Instead of getting an entirely new ‘AirPods Max 2’, we are more likely to see new colour options and USB-C charging. Uninspiring, but then again, they sell well enough as they are so Apple has no need to reinvent the wheel.

iPad Mini 7

It seems only right that if we get a new iPad Air and iPad Pro, the now two-year-old iPad Mini 6 will get an update too. I mean, why not?

It is the cheapest, most accessible iPad to the majority of people with enough features to satisfy most use cases. The bulk of iPad owners aren’t graphic designers or video editors.

Rumours from Ming-Chi Kuo suggest that a new iPad Mini 7 is definitely in the works, and that it could release in early 2024. You’d expect with the other iPads.

In terms of features, we don’t know much but a new processor is pretty much guaranteed considering the current model runs on the A15 Bionic chip. The iPad Mini 7 will probably run the A16 chip or, if Apple pushes the boat out, the A17 chip found in the iPhone 15.

M3 MacBook Air

Again, this one just seems logical. Whilst not fully confirmed, it makes sense that new MacBook Airs will be released with the M3 chip.

MacBook Airs are the more affordable options for those wanting an Apple laptop. Right now, if you want to buy an M3 machine, you have to buy a MacBook Pro or iMac which are not optimal choices for a lot of users.

USB-C Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

This one is completely utilitarian. Boring even. But almost a certainty.

Apple is (slowly!) going through the process of making all of its products USB-C compatible. This is partly because of a legal ruling in Europe and also because USB-C is generally faster and more dynamic.

In line with this process, the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are all expected to be updated to USB-C ports in 2024, most likely in Spring.

Rumored Apple 2024 Releases

Apple Smart Ring

The word ‘rumoured’ is doing some heavy lifting here. The only confirmation we have from Apple that they are even working on a Smart Ring is from patents. They haven’t publicly name-dropped it yet.

But there is a chance, a very small one, that we might see an Apple Smart Ring release towards the end of 2024. Most industry insiders currently stand by the vague statement that Apple will release the Apple Ring within the next two years. And because it is such a unique bit of tech, I can’t see Apple releasing it in the same year as the Vision Pro. It would be too overshadowing.

So the Apple Ring will probably come in 2025, bringing health tracking, contactless payment and gesture control. Because of this last feature, Vision Pro and the Apple Smart Ring will likely be closely linked, with the latter acting as a form of controller.

Apple Watch Series 10/Apple Watch X

If previous Apple Watch release patterns are followed, then we should be seeing the Apple Watch 10 released in the Autumn of 2024.

Features of what this might entail are unclear, but with each new iteration, Apple improves upon already existing features like health monitoring, screen brightness and user interface.

Throwing a mysterious spanner into the works, however, is the Apple Watch X. So named for its 10th anniversary much like the iPhone X. The Apple Watch X is rumoured to feature a thinner design, a new fastening mechanism, a microLED screen and blood pressure monitoring.

Out of all of those things, the microLED screen would be by far the most attractive upgrade. But we are unsure on a specific release date, or year. 2024 would be logical, but 2025 is also not out of the question, especially if things like the microLED display are not ready yet.

M3 Mac Studio, Mac Mini and Mac Pro

This is another ‘seems logical, but might not happen’ release. With new M3 chips, you’d expect the Mac Studio and Mac Mini to get the upgrade. Especially as the Mac Mini is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the iMac.

But we haven’t had anything confirmed yet, or even mentioned by Apple in relation to this. An M3 Pro Mac Mini would be an incredible machine offering excellent value, just as the M2 Pro Mac Mini is. Nonetheless, Apple is keeping consumers in the dark over whether to buy a Mac Mini or Mac Studio now or wait for an M3 version in 2024.

As for the Mac Pro? Don’t ask. Now that M3 chips exist, we should be seeing an update to Apple’s behemoth computer but we aren’t holding our breath. The Mac Pro took just under three years to receive a silicon upgrade, coming in early 2023. So it is unlikely we’ll see an M3 Mac Pro this soon after a recent upgrade.

Just get rid of it Mr Cook! The Mac Studio does the same thing in a much smaller package.


Apple’s 2024 product roadmap promises an exciting array of new releases all centered on the launch of Vision Pro. If Vision Pro lives up to its hype then it will make 2024 definitive, not just for Apple, but for society’s relationship with technology at large.

Alongside that, we have the continuation of the M3 rollout in iPads and MacBook Airs which is good news for consumer choice. Add it all up and you get an incredibly strong year for new Apple releases. Buckle up, the yearly Apple rollercoaster is about to begin again!

What are you looking forward to next year? Let me know below!

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