It’s close now, folks – really close. In just a few days’ time, Tim Cook and several other Apple employees will take to the stage to reveal what they’ve been working on.

For a content creator working predominantly in the Apple space, this is an incredibly exciting, vitally important time of the year. It gives us loads to talk about, report on, and ponder. And it could be a big one this year – there’s likely to be a smidgen of new hardware this time around, along with the usual deluge of operating system updates. 

As you’d expect, I’ll be covering WWDC in detail over the coming weeks, but I do like to offer my predictions beforehand. Last week, I offered my thoughts about what we might see at WWDC 2022. Today, it’s time to reveal what I think is definitely not on the cards.

1. The M2 MacBook Air

As noted recently, I’ve attempted to stay away from the WWDC rumours this year. As a result, I don’t have anywhere near the same level of expectation as people who have kept an eye on the rumour mill.

The ‘M2 MacBook Air’ is a great example. We’ll see it this year, I’m pretty sure of that, but it makes zero sense for it to make an appearance next week. Sorry.

As much as I deeply love the MacBook Air, it’s not the tool of choice for serious developers. More importantly, the next version of this particular MacBook is a huge release for Apple – why on earth steal the rest of WWDC’s thunder with an announcement that big?

2. iGoggles

Nope. Sorry.

Sami Fathi from MacRumors recently joined Rob and I on the Eight or Sixteen podcast to discuss WWDC, and he made a great point about Apple’s AR ambitions this year. Rather than seeing any form of AR hardware next week, we’re far more likely to be gradually introduced to a new operating system, reckons Sami. He’s referring, of course, to the anticipated launch of RealityOS.

Although unconfirmed, RealityOS is expected to be the operating system that will power future wearable devices made by Apple. It’s a theory that was bolstered recently following the trademark filing of ‘RealityOS’ in a number of countries.

I agree with Sami – I think we’re going to see something far more interesting relating to AR next week. There won’t be hardware, but there’s an outside chance that RealityOS will be unveiled or previewed.

3. A significant macOS update

I completely forgot to mention macOS during my WWDC preview video earlier this week. It was both a stupid, sleep-deprived error, but also an indication of how little I want from Apple this year when it comes to macOS.

macOS Monterey is a superb operating system. Team it with an M1 Mac, and you gain access to the best computing experience on the market today.

If you can think of a way in which macOS needs to evolve considerably this year, please let me know in the comments, because I cannot think of a single thing. That’s why I think macOS will be granted a much shorter appearance at WWDC next week.

4. A better Podcasts app

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not expecting Tim Cook to devote a twenty-minute segment to one of the least interesting but most-used apps on the iPhone. I just want them to fix it.

But they won’t. I would be absolutely astounded if Apple finally un-trashes the hot trash that is their native podcast app.

I’m a full Overcast convert, not just because I enjoy supporting independent developers, but because I can no longer deal with the Podcasts app on my iPhone. It clogs up my storage and has the most random and inconsistent way of listing podcast episodes I’ve ever seen.

I just don’t think Apple cares enough to fix it. Either that, or it’s simply too broken for them to even begin untangling the mess.

5. Pro apps for the iPad

I’ve hoped and prayed for it – and bored you all to tears with my reasons for wanting it – but I think it’s time to admit defeat.

It’s not going to happen, is it? I’m not going to see Final Cut Pro on the iPad next week.

Hey ho.

Wrapping up

I’m super excited about WWDC 2022. The promise of a new operating system, the potential of a big iPadOS update, and an inevitable glimpse at the new Mac Pro make for a very exciting event.

Whether or not I’m right with my slightly more negative predictions remains to be seen.

Let me know what you’re not expecting to see next week in the comments section below!