They’re almost perfect. Almost.

I recently listed five pieces of Apple tech that have changed my life, and the AirPods Pro were one of the first to make the grade.

You may scoff at the title of that blog post, but it’s true. This stuff has made a tangible impact on my day-to-day life. They’ve made things easier for me, more enjoyable, or simply helped me be more productive. In turn, that has made me happier and more successful.

AirPods Pro are the epitome of this. Their convenience, sound quality, and build quality make them a joy to use. Whether they’re soundtracking my run, enabling me to participate easily on a call, or shutting out the world while I dive into a podcast, AirPods Pro add the all-important Apple Magic to just about everything they do.

But I’m not 100% satisfied. Obviously.

Here are five things I want from the next version.

1. A fix for the rattle

Last December, I revealed that AirPods Pro have a big problem.

It’s a rattle. And it’s incredibly irritating.

I’m on my second pair now, and while it is less pronounced, the rattle has definitely returned.

For the uninitiated, the AirPods Pro rattle is something that develops over a period of time and reveals itself when you either cough or undertake some form of strenuous physical activity such as running.

It’s incredibly difficult to describe unless you hear it, but the AirPods Pro rattle sounds like a hollow metal ‘clang’ nestled deep within your ear. It doesn’t appear to negatively impact the sound quality or noise cancellation at all, but there’s a massive thread about it on Apple’s own support forums, which is where I first realised I wasn’t alone.

Although Apple has acknowledged the issue, it is clearly an inherent problem with the design of AirPods Pro. I hope you haven’t experienced it with yours, but I equally hope that Apple fixes the issue with the next iteration.

2. Different colours

Black. Pink. Yellow. Orange.

Just give us something a bit more funky please, Apple. Why do AirPods always have to be so boringly white?

3. A fix for the battery charging issue

I might be in the minority with this, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has experienced the same issue when it comes to charging AirPods Pro.

Occasionally, I’ll pull out one of the earbuds (I often use just one for calls), place it in my ear and find that the battery is completely drained, despite the other earbud – and the case – being fully charged.

A quick blow of the charging contacts within the AirPods Pro case appears to do the trick and remove whatever blockage was preventing the earbud from charging. But it’s incredibly annoying and is a rare example of where AirPods Pro sometimes aren’t particularly convenient.

This happens more often than I’m comfortable with. Blowing tech to make it work was something we used to do with SNES games. But a £250 pair of Apple earbuds in 2021? Come on, Tim.

4. USB-C charging


5. A better battery indicator

I love battery indicators that feature more than just one tiny LED.

Four or five to indicate the battery charge remaining is so much more helpful than a single LED that turns either green or amber, depending on the charging state.

Yes, I know you can ask Siri how much battery life is remaining, or check your iPhone battery widget, or pull-down Control Centre and see from there. But those are all a faff. I simply want to look at my AirPods Pro and gain an idea of how much battery remains. Immediately.

Apple will never do this; it’ll add too much ‘stuff’ to the case. But imagine if there was a tiny percentage reading for the case and each earbud. Heaven. Come on, Tim.

What do you want?

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours.

What do you want from the next AirPods Pro? Or are they perfect for you?