If you’ve got a burning desire to start a YouTube channel in 2023 but have an equally red-hot concern that it simply isn’t worth the time and effort, I’ve got some good news.

In fact, I’ve got two pieces of good news.

Firstly, it won’t take as much time as you think – in fact, you could get cracking tomorrow.

Secondly, there has never been a better time to start a YouTube channel.

My guess is that, beyond the aforementioned concerns, you probably also think the march of short-form platforms like TikTok is making regular-length YouTube videos increasingly irrelevant.

Ready for some more good news?

Will TikTok kill off YouTube?


In July, I started a TikTok account. Five months later, it has amassed over 3,600 followers and gained more than 60,000 likes.

I will happily admit that this is by far the easiest audience I have ever built. The content on my TikTok account is nothing more than re-hashed, chopped-up versions of my YouTube videos. It takes minutes to create and seconds to upload.

Contrast it with Medium, for instance, which has taken me over two years to reach 15,000 followers and into which I pour hours of time every week, writing unique blog posts that are the beating heart of my brand. The views, followers, and engagement trickle in compared to the tidal wave of activity on TikTok.

When TikTok hit the scenes in 2016, it really put the wind up YouTube’s sails. The upstart that would only allow its users to upload vertical videos of between 15-60 seconds in length caught the attention of its fast-growing audience scarily fast. It encouraged long-established social networks to offer similar video creation tools and, arguably, forced YouTube Shorts into premature existence.

However, there are increasing reports that Gen-Z (TikTok’s primary audience) is beginning to tire of TikTok. It’s “too crowded”, exhausting, and “toxic”. Certainly, as a TikTok user myself, I can confirm that it is a dreadful time suck and you rarely feel better after using it. This is why I firmly believe TikTok will reach critical mass in terms of interest, engagement, and audience patience very soon.

I think YouTube knows this. Despite its scramble to launch YouTube Shorts (which has been immensely successful in its own right), YouTube is still betting big time on the long-form stuff. It’s why regular YouTube isn’t going anywhere – in fact, the next few years could see a resurgence in interest from TikTok defectors who increasingly want more meaningful, longer, and higher-quality content.

This is why, in 2023, you should start a YouTube channel.

If you need more convincing, here are five additional reasons why it’s such a good idea.

1. Literally NOTHING is stopping you

I’ve heard from so many people who say that something is holding them back from starting their YouTube channel.

It’s either time, inspiration, confidence, or a nagging feeling that it just isn’t worth it, given how many established creators there are on the platform already.

Why bother when there are literally thousands of other people already miles ahead of you, eh?

I’ll tell you why – there are over two billion active users on YouTube – a number that shows no signs of slowing. YouTube also makes it ridiculously easy to set up a channel and start posting content – be it regular in length or short-form. All you need is a Google account.

There are enough eyes and ears on YouTube from which anyone can grab a slice of engagement. As for time, if you really want something, you’ll find the time to make it happen – you always do, right?

2. The tech has never been better – or more accessible

You don’t need a fancy camera or mic to start publishing content on YouTube. Some of the biggest channels out there use surprisingly inexpensive gear.

You’ve almost certainly got a smartphone (you’re probably using it to read this), and if it has been made within the last three years, it can probably shoot high-quality 4K video and capture your voice perfectly.

That’s all you need. What’s more, you might even be able to upload those videos directly from the smartphone in question. Even if you can’t, a quick wireless transfer to your laptop and a bit of fun in an approachable (and, often, free) video editor is all it’ll need before uploading to YouTube via your super fast broadband connection.

We live in a world of wonderfully accessible, democratised technology – particularly when it comes to content creation. Use it!

3. It’ll give you a creative outlet

Every human being needs a creative outlet of some kind.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly creative, the feeling of making something and publishing it will make you feel good – I promise.

Even if your YouTube videos are only viewed by a handful of people, or by no one other than your mum and a couple of mates, just the process of creating that ‘thing’ and putting it out there will make you feel good.

We create so much stuff as kids. Think about the many hours spent on the living room floor building mini civilisations with lego, or the imaginary movie you dreamt up and in which you played a starring role while blasting through the local park on your push bike. Why lose that desire to create as an adult?

Time? The mortgage? The need to grow up?

Don’t give me any of that.

The human brain yearns for more knowledge but it thrives on creativity. Feed it.

4. It rewards you handsomely

YouTube rewards you in two ways.

The first is that colossal audience mentioned earlier.

Although your channel will be doing nothing more than renting a portion of that audience from YouTube (which is why building your own audience is vital – but that’s for another day) it is there waiting for you. If you remain consistent and create videos that focus on a specific topic, YouTube will put that content in front of people who want to watch it at no cost to you other than your time.

The second reward is monetary.

If you want to follow in my footsteps and generate revenue from YouTube, it is capable of rewarding you handsomely. This happens in two forms – direct income from the YouTube AdSense platform and indirect from the likes of sponsors and affiliate partnerships.

You don’t have to spend a penny to be rewarded by YouTube. Anyone can start a channel, and YouTube doesn’t charge you for the privilege. It’s simply down to your own desire, focus, and effort if you want to make something tangible out of it.

5. If I can do it, so can you!

I’m often asked how I wound up as a YouTube creator. People assume that I’d been ‘planning it all along’, or that I’ve got a history of running content-based businesses.

In reality, I spent two decades working regular jobs that had nothing to do with YouTube. I just decided in 2020 to start my own channel, having been inspired to the point of ‘I have to give this a try’ while watching my favourite YouTubers.

It’s a cliché, but trust me – if I can do this, so can you. I’m not trained in anything that is required to run my YouTube business. Sure, I’ve put the hours in as a videographer and I watch TV and movies with an analytical eye that drives my girlfriend nuts, but even without that experience and passion, I could still have started and made a success of this YouTube brand.

Just like technology no longer being a stumbling block for wannabe creators, there are no barriers to entry when it comes to your experience or skillset. All you need is desire – and if you’re still reading this blog post, you’ve got that in spades.

Wrapping up

I can’t wait to dive into 2023 as a YouTube creator. I feel incredibly positive about the platform and, as noted earlier, have absolutely no fear about the continued dominance of short-form content.

The likes of TikTok aren’t going anywhere, but people are starting to tire of its toxicity. Those short-form platforms sap time from the day and deliver little reward in exchange. YouTube, on the other hand, is capable of educating, inspiring, and entertaining. It has done this for nearly 20 years and I can’t think of another video service that is as creator-focused as Google’s.

I hope I’ve inspired you to finally start that YouTube channel in 2023. If I have, let me know what you’ll be making videos about in the comments section – take this opportunity to promote yourself and let the world know what’s coming!

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