We’re nearing the end of 2021 and if you’re in the same mindset as I was back in 2019, you might be wondering if you’ll finally make good on that promise of starting a YouTube channel next year.

You absolutely should.

It’s not quite as big a deal as you assume it is – trust me. Just like you, I thought I didn’t have enough time, talent, or justification to plough a whole bunch of blood, sweat, and tears into creating something that would probably flop.

If I’d let those nagging doubts linger, I wouldn’t have created Mark Ellis Reviews, and I wouldn’t be approaching 50,000 subscribers today.

If you’re still unsure, I think there are five reasons you should finally start that YouTube channel in 2022.

1. No one is like you

A little while ago, a YouTube troll decided to inform me that I was wearing the wrong clothes.

He was absolutely seething.

How on earth did I ever think it was a good idea to sit in front of a computer, talking to the camera, while wearing sports gear? What was wrong with me?

I’m not making this up. Some of the people you’ll come across in the comments sections of your videos are that moronic. Thankfully, they’re in the minority (as I’ll explain in a moment).

Needless to say, I still wear sports stuff occasionally when shooting my videos. This is for two reasons: firstly, 99.9% of my audience probably couldn’t give two hoots what I’m wearing as long as I’m wearing something, and, secondly, this is me.

This is the single most important piece of advice I have for aspiring YouTubers who are unsure about starting their own channel. You are entirely unique; no one has your brain or exact life experience. What you say on camera (and, yes, what you wear – although that’s vastly unimportant) will only ever come from you. And there’ll be an audience out there who will love it.

No one is like you – that’s your biggest gift and opportunity for YouTube success.

2. You WILL keep it going

This was my biggest concern before starting Mark Ellis Reviews.

I can be a bit ‘faddy’, you see. I’ll throw everything into a new venture but gradually get bored and leave it to gather dust once the novelty has worn off.

Not so with YouTube. Somehow, I’ve kept this thing going and haven’t missed a single upload. I’ve managed to publish at least one video each week, every week since June 2020.

This isn’t like me at all. But the reason it has worked is that I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The net result is a measurable improvement in production quality, consistency, and, more importantly, the seismic growth of my audience.

The same will happen to you if you enjoy the process. It really is that simple.

3. People will like you

This is worth reiterating, because unless you’re narcissistic (which, obviously, you aren’t), one of the biggest concerns you’ll have about starting a YouTube channel is that people won’t like you.

Sure, some won’t. But that’s life; you can’t please everyone.

However, the beautiful thing about YouTube is that it naturally filters those people out. They may find you and dislike either your content or style, but most will disappear without a trace, leaving only those who actually like your stuff to continue engaging with it.

I didn’t hear from Mr Why Are You Wearing Sports Gear ever again. He’s gone.

The net result of this is far more lovely comments than appearances from the trolls. People will tell you that they love the way you present your thoughts; they’ll thank you for making each video (I love it when they do that); they’ll like, subscribe, and tell their mates about you.

There’s an audience for everyone on YouTube, and it’s one of the easiest audiences you’ll ever play to.

4. There’s only 7 of everything

My mum has always told me that there’s only seven of everything.

Seven notes. Seven songs. Seven recipes. Seven personality types.

Bar the musical analogy, I have no way to prove whether or not this is true, but it has always stuck in my mind. More importantly, it provides a very important lesson for content creators.

There is no such thing as unique content. Several people (thousands, possibly) have written this blog post before. The video I published yesterday about the 16” MacBook Pro has been produced countless times already.

Every video you watch on YouTube is a slight re-hash of something else, either intentionally or simply because there’s no other way.

That’s one of the biggest misconceptions about YouTube. People will tell you that your content needs to be unique and like nothing else out there. That’s true, but remember – it’s you who is unique.

If you’re worried that your voice won’t be heard simply because so many other people have already covered the topics you want to cover, you’re wasting time.

Get started. Make your own stuff. If I can make a little dent in the tech niche (which is absolutely saturated), you can do the same in whatever niche interests you.

Your review of a product, how-to guide, or opinion on a specific topic is your take, no one else’s.

You’ll never be first to the post, but you will lend your voice to trending topics, products, and events. That’s what everyone else is doing, after all.

5. You’ve got everything you need

Have you got a smartphone? Great. That’s all you need to start your YouTube channel.

Providing people can see and – more importantly – hear you, you’re good to go. There are free editing tools available out there, and most modern smartphones feature incredible camera systems.

If you want to spend any money at all, I’d recommend a smartphone-compatible lav mic, but even that isn’t essential to begin with.

What’s more important is that you just start shooting. Get used to being in front of a camera. Start building some consistency with your approach to being a YouTuber; set a goal of uploading a video once per week and stick to it.

Don’t let gear hold you back. As your channel grows and begins to generate revenue, you can invest in better gear (if required).

Wrapping up

I hope this has given you the gentle kick you needed to start that YouTube channel in 2022.

I promise it’ll be the best thing you do next year. It has changed my life, but that would never have happened if I’d continued to assume that I wasn’t good enough for it, or didn’t have enough stuff to say.

Oh, and trust me, if you enjoy YouTube as much as you think you will, you’ll find the time to make it a success. I promise.

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