That’s quite a big claim, isn’t it? Can there really be five pieces of technology from the same manufacturer that have changed my life?

As it turns out, yes – absolutely.

This is a fun game – I’d recommend trying it yourself. If you’re welded deeply within the Apple ecosystem, I’m confident there will be several devices – past or present – which have had a seismic impact on your life.

These are my five. And I’ll explain the obvious omission in a moment.

1. Power Mac G3

This was the first Mac I used creatively. Hidden away in a back office within my upper school’s library, it also provided my first experience of video editing.

I loved that thing. To this day, I have no idea who decided to invest in two Macs for the school. Only a couple of us used them, and they must have been incredibly expensive.

I’m glad they did, though. Because I knew from the moment I glanced at that translucent, peppermint green casing that I needed to own a Mac myself one day.

2. My M1 MacBook Air

There are two reasons the M1 MacBook Air makes this list.

The first is pretty simple: it’s the best laptop I have ever owned. The M1 chip has finally realised the true potential of Apple’s tapered laptop. It feels like it has been waiting for this combination of performance and battery stamina ever since Steve Jobs pulled the first iteration from a manilla envelope in January 2008.

The M1 MacBook Air has revolutionised the way I conduct work on the go, and the absence of battery anxiety is what I’ve badly wanted for many, many years.

The second reason is that the M1 MacBook Air has played a pivotal role during these crucial early days of my YouTube channel. It has been the star of the show in countless videos and enabled me to keep the engine running efficiently behind the scenes.

It’ll be a sad day when the time comes to replace it.

3. AirPods Pro

I was an AirPods early adopter. I didn’t care that they looked like ‘white ear bogeys’; they sounded great and delivered the first taste of Apple Magic following a prolonged drought.

When the AirPods Pro arrived on the scene, my love affair with Apple’s wireless earbuds blossomed even further. The addition of noise cancellation, a smaller design, and a fit which meant I could finally go for a run without them falling out, made a huge difference to my day.

They travel with me everywhere and are brilliantly multi-talented. I use my AirPods Pro for calling people, video conferencing, listening to music and podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and working out. No other pair of headphones (or piece of tech in general) has been this superb at so many different things.

It’s hard to explain just how conveniently designed AirPods Pro are, or how their effortless pairing with Apple devices shaves countless minutes and minor stresses from each day. You have to try them to realise their brilliance.

I’ve never relied on a pair of headphones as much as I have my AirPods Pro. I’d be lost without them.

4. The iPhone

This list wouldn’t be complete without the iPhone. Regardless of my thoughts about the relatively dull iterations it’s now treated to each year, it remains the best smartphone I have ever owned.

I’d love to see Apple do more with it, and I yearn for another feature that’s as satisfying as the introduction of a retina screen, or as revolutionary as Face ID. But I can’t deny that the iPhone has changed my life.

I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog post now if it wasn’t for the iPhone. Beyond the Mac, it is the one device that has forced me so deeply into the Apple ecosystem.

5. First-generation iPad

I love my iPad Air 4, but I wouldn’t own it if it wasn’t for the first-generation iPad.

Yep, I was one of those early adopters. I had no use for it. Back then, people laughed (understandably) at what appeared to be nothing more than a giant iPhone.

They had a point, but I saw potential. And while that potential is still yet to be realised, the iPad is arguably the second most important device when it comes to my continued investment in Apple’s products and services.

It’s such an aspirational device. I desperately want to do more with it. One day, I’m sure I will be able to, and it’s that constant promise of what it will eventually turn into which makes the iPad such a special device.

No Apple Watch?!

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Apple Watch numbers among your most important pieces of Apple tech. It is definitely a life-changing device for many people.

It has saved lives, made people fitter, and offered an entirely new way to interact with notifications.

However, when I traded my Apple Watch for a Casio G-Shock for a month, I didn’t miss it. At all. In fact, I’m wearing the G-Shock right now.

I just don’t depend on the Apple Watch as much as I thought I did. I was starting workout timers and never digging into the data. I’d occasionally glance at notifications, but more often become irritated by their constant presence on my wrist. I just wasn’t using it enough.

The Apple Watch hasn’t changed my life. But what about you? What pieces of Apple Tech could you not live without? Let me know in the comments.