The first time I tried Medium, something amazing happened.

I wrote an article about using an iPad as your primary device. And I totally forgot about it.

It was an article for a client. From memory, it took me about twenty minutes to write. It was bread and butter link building, and I knew the subject matter like the back of my hand.

Then, about six months later, I spotted $12 in my business account, which had originated from Medium. After a bit of investigative work, I discovered that I’d earned it from that iPad article.

I genuinely hadn’t tried with that piece, but it had earned me money.

This was back when earning via the Medium Partner Program was rather different (a littler easier, arguably), but it planted a seed in my mind that one day, I should put more effort into Medium.

That’s exactly what I’m doing with this new account.

Here’s what I’ve learned after a month and a half of rejoining Medium.

1. This is a community – not a blogging platform

It really is. I’ve interacted with so many people on here this time around. But that’s only happened because I (and they) have put the effort in.

It’s this proactive approach to blogging as a community that makes Medium one of the most interesting social networks available.

It even provided the first interviewee for my new YouTube channel.

2. Reading is just as important as writing

I used my other account for one thing: writing.

But, where’s the fun in that?

This time around, I’ve paid for a Medium membership and use it each and every day to read articles I’m genuinely interested in.

The algorithm isn’t perfect (no algorithm is), but it recommends content that both inspires me and introduces me to fellow creators who are peddling their own words just for the love of it.

3. The small numbers matter (even more than the big numbers)

I’ll admit it: I do refresh my stats every day. Several times a day, in fact. But that’s not because I’m aiming for 50,000 followers or articles that average 2.5K claps; every single number I see applied to my content on Medium is important.

The more you write and the older you get, the more you realise that the small numbers matter. The smaller your niche, the more interested those within it are. The smaller your focus on becoming an overnight millionaire, the more likely you are to enjoy the process of writing.

What have you learned?

Those first few weeks on Medium are fascinating as a writer, aren’t they? If you’re a fellow Medium writer, what have you learned?