Today, 1Password 8 launches on both iOS and Android, bringing the mobile versions of my favourite password manager firmly in line with their desktop counterparts.

I love what the AgileBits team has done with 1Password 8 on the Mac and Windows, and to see the same raft of improvements and feature updates hit my two daily carries (yes, I’m one of those smartphone users) is very good news indeed.

1Password 8 for iOS and Android is a big update – far too big to cover in one blog post, but rest assured I’ll be digging further into some of these features over the coming months.

Let’s take a quick peak at 1Password 8 for iOS and Android (it’s available on tablets for both platforms, too)!

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A complete redesign

There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with 1Password 7 in terms of its design, but when placed alongside 1Password 8 on the Mac, the need for a fettle on the mobile version became quite obvious.

1Password 8 for mobile

1Password 8 for mobile has been completely redesigned and “built for speed”. This centres largely around the new home screen which provides immediate access to all of your data, without any unnecessary hunting around.

Despite 1Password’s fantastic integration within iOS and Android, I do find myself regularly heading into the app itself to dig stuff out, and 1Password 8 makes it far easier to do so. The fact you can customise the home screen to feature the stuff you need to access most often seals the deal. You can even pin specific fields from a 1Password item directly to your home screen if, for instance, you always need access to your bank account number (this is so useful).

More importantly, 1Password now has a consistent user experience across all platforms. So, when you switch from your Mac to your iPhone, you immediately know where everything is.

Oh, and it’s a bit of a looker, too.

Meet the new Watchtower

One of the best 1Password features (fight me in the comments if you disagree) is the brilliant Watchtower.

1Password 8 for mobile

For the uninitiated, Watchtower provides a personal score which indicates how secure your data is. The higher the number and the greener the dial, the less chance you’ll ever have of someone nicking your stuff.

It’s a lovely excuse to occasionally give yourself a pat on the back, but Watchtower also highlights exactly which passwords need attention. It also reveals those that are expiring, and even points out where two-factor authentication is available but not being used.

1Password 8 finally brings Watchtower to the palm of your hand, and it is such a convenient way to access this awesome feature and make quick improvements to your password haul. In fact, I’d argue that it’s more convenient than the macOS version!

Secure sharing

Occasionally, you might need to share something confidential, but with only your phone to hand, doing so can be a bit… well, perilous.

I’ve been using 1Password’s secure sharing feature quite a bit this year while working with a couple of external team members (and the inevitable IT support requests that arise from certain family members). It’s so useful, but I’ve typically relied on the Mac version’s improved sharing options to do this.

With 1Password 8 on mobile, we now have access to far more comprehensive secure sharing options that allow users to share items from within 1Password – even if the recipient doesn’t use 1Password themselves.

More importantly, you can share far more than login credentials; 1Password 8 for mobile enables you to share files and documents securely, too.

Collections come to mobile

This is a feature I need to really dig into over the next few weeks because I have a feeling it’ll make a big difference to the way I use 1Password.

Collections in 1Password 8 enable you to create your own custom vaults within which you can store different categories of logins and other confidential items.

For instance, you might have a collection for ‘work’, another for ‘personal’, and maybe one for ‘travel’. The idea is that it provides far easier context switching within 1Password, which sounds like yet another way to improve the efficiency of your private data management!

You can find out more about all of the updates in 1Password 8 for mobile here.

Why I use 1Password

Full disclosure: while 1Password isn’t sponsoring this blog post, it continues to be a wonderful supporter of my brand. The team at AgileBits has provided me with early access to new products and features, and has given me the opportunity to speak directly with the team behind the password manager.

This is rare enough in the world of content creation and influencer marketing, but to find a company as nice as AgileBits and discover that you absolutely love their product is like rocking horse… well, you know.

I use 1Password constantly throughout the day. Being a multi-device and cross-platform kinda guy, it is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to setting up new devices and moving between operating systems.

Everything I need – be it login credentials, credit card details, or secure notes – is there, immediately and securely. But the most enjoyable thing about 1Password is how it encourages me to continually discover its wealth of features. I’m constantly adding new categories of my confidential stuff to it, or discovering that a particular feature can shave a few seconds from a specific task.

1Password 8 is a huge leap forward for iOS and Android. If you’re an existing user, I’d encourage you to hit that ‘update’ button as soon as possible.

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